Is Education making us DUMB ?

Posted by Swapnil Sagar
May 24, 2017

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Well, the most integral part of a human being in present day is education. As soon as the child turns 3 or 4, he/she is sent to gain some so-called “EDUCATION”.

My biggest fear is, what is the purpose of this education if it doesn’t turn you into anything but a machine programmed to follow instructions and work all through its short life span.

Education is seen as a way to get a job later on in life while completely forgetting it’s real value and essence.

The present day education system also seems to be devoted to do just that.

English Literature is a subject where you learn answers from you notebook and vomit them on your answer sheet. Novels are made to be read just to obtain that 10 marks in the 100 mark question paper.

Is this what Literature is all about?

NO. literature is something you love, you seek for, you get lost in, and most importantly what you live for.

Poems can be deciphered in 7 billion ways, one for each person on this planet. But students are programmed to think and understand the poem not on their own but in a way that the person who checks you answer sheet gives you full marks.

Novels are read as objects that can be used to procure marks, not to enjoy or fell in love with, but only as objects to procure marks.

This was just the case of literature which especially devastated me as i myself am so deeply and madly in love with it. Let me assure you, as a student of this education system, Almost every subject is destroyed as much as literature, leaving no scope for creativity at all.

Is this what we are heading towards ?

IF so, then the future of this nation and the youth is in immense danger.

I plead you to stop following instructions like a machine, start defying the laws, start loving what you love and stand for it. Only then would we be able to move from this state of complete dismay and devastation to progress and prosperity.


Swapnil Sagar



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