How Can Women Who Quit Their Jobs To Be Full-Time Moms Restart Their Careers?

Posted by Aakanksha Aggarwal in Women Empowerment
May 27, 2017

She was a gold medallist graduate and an MBA holder from a reputed business school in India. As she completed her post-graduation, she was selected as a management trainee in one of the biggest consulting firms. Soon after, she was promoted to management consultant. She was living a life many could only imagine. She was working hard, had a supportive husband and in-laws, and she enjoyed several trips in a year.

The same continued until she got pregnant with her first child. She thought she would work as long as she could and she worked until seven months of her pregnancy and joined within two months of her delivery. Life changed a lot after her child and her priorities also changed. She thought that doing such a rigorous job was costing her special moments with her child and she decided to take sabbatical leaves. Initially, she thought, she would come back after a year but she got involved with her kid so much that she almost forgot about her job.

As was told by other mommies in her friend circle, she thought that taking care of her baby will prove to be the best job she ever had. Yes, it was, until her child grew up and she did not need to watch her for 24 hours. She silently mourned her dead career and spent several hours crying in the bathroom when others thought she was happy with her own decision. She knew it was her own decision to leave her job but now she knew that even if her job did not complete her, it definitely made her happy. And after deliberating upon it, she decided that her sabbatical of five years was finished and she would start working again.

Then Came The Real Picture In Front Of Her!

She was now not skilled enough for the same level of job and the jobs she was offered required her to work long hours, which she was not able to do now owing to her increased responsibilities. The skills she acquired five years back were of not much use today since the tools and applications had changed drastically in just five years due to advancements in technology. She was not mentally prepared to invest herself into studies now.

Image Credit: Kunal Patil/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Is this not the story of several working women who leave their jobs for some reason and try to enter the industry years after leaving it?With advancements in technology and quick improvements in the working atmosphere and pattern, it becomes difficult for someone to continue work at the same level after years of leave. And with boredom and guilt, many times, women have to struggle with their emotions and ambitions. They find themselves trapped in situations where they do not want to stay at home but are not able to get a job as per their skills.

What Are The Solutions For This?

I believe just like in schools, there can be an informative career counselling service for these women. They have their specific challenges and keeping those in mind, focused guidance can be provided to them for their career enhancement. Some of the options that can be provided to them through career counselling are:

  • Information regarding freelancing and working from home: Several women find it easier if they can work from home and with flexible work hours. Many women find it comfortable working from their home with the timing being adjusted as per their availability. Going back to the office at regular hours is difficult for many, and information regarding such an option can be a great opportunity for several women.
  • Skilling and vocational courses: There are several women who have career gaps of more than 10 years. This much gap makes them unable to do anything in the field of their studies. They are not able to grasp new technologies that easily. At this time, it can be fruitful to guide them about the work opportunities that they can have according to their skill-sets.
  • Career guidance: It is highly necessary to provide these women with an expert career guidance. Guidance here means information. They should be able to know about the opportunities that are available in the industry. It is quite obvious that they have lost connections in the industry over the period and they need to be given information about the vacancies that are suitable to them.

Often, we forget the importance of careers for women who are also homemakers. Although it is not necessary for all women as some are happy fulfilling their duties as homemakers, yet many women crave going back to a working environment after their family obligations are fulfilled. Instead of neglect, they require constant motivation and information which can help them prove their worth.