is it sin to be born in general caste ?

Posted by Nitin Pathak
May 21, 2017

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Ravindra Sharma is Brahmin and he proud of that.


Now, the experience:


He get a great rank in CET, praised by his school teachers, principal, parents, everybody is sure he will get a good college. When he  go for counseling, more than half the seats everywhere are reserved for SC/ST/OBC. He get a good medical college, but not the Government Medical College because of reservation.


Fees: He pay close to 20,000 per year as fees as He was in General Merit category. SC/ST/OBC pays only 4000 per year, and get a scholarship of 8000 per year. They also get to take expensive library books home, while we do not and have to make do with xerox copies, because of reservation.



He search for a job, start out as a doctor at a small hospital, gradually work on his way to senior resident and finally have saved enough for his PG course, and then he take the exams. He still travel in bus as he have to save money for his course. SC/ST/OBC have already got government jobs, relaxing without even going to the hospital on most days, and planning for their PG exams.


He clear the PG entrance in his first attempt, since he do not have time to wait for another year, He take General surgery as his preferred course. SC/ST/OBC does not get through in four attempts, gets through in fifth, does not take it as he has a comfortable government job, waits for another shot.



While studying, Ravindra have no income, manage by joining a hospital part-time in the evening, study all night, somehow manage fees and hostel. SC/ST/OBC gets study leave and salary, they need not do part-time jobs, relax and study.



Finally clear his exams, all at single attempts, His professor is happy and recommends his name to one of the big hospitals. Join there, good salary, but hard work. Purchase his first two-wheeler. He make his decision to treat his patients to his best; no cheating or unnecessary tests or surgeries.


The other guy (SC/ST/OBC)  has cleared his PG in five years, joins government job back, promoted to chief doctor, also goes part-time consultation, has no idea how to perform surgeries, results in a few lawsuits, leaves private hospital, gets transferred in the government and stays happily with government salary.


Ravindra government application for job is rejected, multiple times!!!


That Guy (SC/ST/OBC)  is now professor of Forensic Medicine at Government Medical College, drives around in luxury cars, has a driver, all perks and benefits, etc.


And Ravindra have purchased his first car now……





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