Its All About Priorities!!

Posted by NitisH SharmA
May 11, 2017

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Last week I was having a chat with a friend of mine about priorities in life. And I thought I should write a blog on it.So,what does the term priority means, according to grammatical English it means the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important than others. But in real life this word have contrastive meanings. Unlike my previous blog I won’t give my opinion on priorities in this blog but I will,let each one of you form,your own opinion about it by illustrating some questions or one can say examples. So lets make it a bit more interesting. I tell you a story relating to priorities. I was coming from some work last Saturday, so I saw a man approximately 40 years old he was carrying a big box around his back and the box was full of material like papers and all. Suddenly a lady called him and offered him,some,money. But what happened next came to a surprise to me he denied the money saying he doesn’t need it. It was an astonishing thing to me. Then I,went,to,him,and,asked him,about why he denied that money! He simply said HUM MUFT ME PAISA NAHI LETE! He was quite tired with his work so he seemed to be bit frustrated, so I thought I should end the conversation here. And then I reached home. Next day a man rang my doorbell and when I,came,out he silently gave me a certificate in which it was written and certified that the man,was deaf and dumb and need money. I,knew that the documents are fake but I thought its better to give him,some,rupees rather than arguing with him,so,I gave him money. But after a while when I went inside my house I saw he took his phone out from,his,pocket and started talking while walking to,the road. Than a thought came to,my mind about that old man,and this young guy. So,much difference in the priorities. I,knew the story was way much more boring for some readers but the thing we should focus on is,what we are or what we are going to be is all about our priorities. So,we should stop,blaming others about our failures and start to,think about how can we have such priorities so that we can be a better person. In life its good to be important but its more important to be good. These kind of thoughts should decide our priorities. A common man,wants to be a celebrity and a celebrity wants to be common man so there are different priorities in different circumstances. Some,people are starving for water some are crying for Iphones. All,these things I said are general things and we all,know,that but we all forgets this things quite often. How? I tell,you whenever we cant get something we often watch others what they have we never watch those who have nothing. Our most prime priority should,be to,be happy and make others happy. I know,this,blog was not quite entertaining for you all but I had to write about priorities because nowadays priorities are too materialistic. There will be many people whose priority list includes Justin Bibber’s concert at top. But once in,a year they won’t think,about the poor farmers dying in Tamil Nadu. I don’t know maybe you understand what I,am,trying to,say maybe not. But what’s said is said. In,the end just one,thing,
Our priorities reflects our characters.-Nitish Sharma

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