Posted by Divya Sharma
May 27, 2017

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I was raised this way,
When the world chose to homicide daughters in their mother’s womb,
My father danced with exhilaration on my birth.

When parents taught their daughters to be more polite and not to raise their voice , I was taught to raise my voice with no fear on everything I felt wasn’t right, and so I did, because I was raised this way.

When periods was a taboo to talk about and girls were treated like untouchables, my mother taught my brother about it and he taught me to be confident about myself and so I did , because I was raised this way.

When girls were protesting against body shaming and slut shaming over internet, I was asked to wear what made me feel comfortable not what pleased the world around me, and I let that cleavage be and I walked past it all because I was raised this way.

When schools taught us to run the race and be the best, I was taught to do my best and be my best, I got a pat on my back and never a slap , is because I was raised this way.

When life got harder and things worsened, when I thought I lost it all and people turned their backs, I stood their fighting my battle with a smile so wide, while
people thought I was going crazy in depression , I was getting over it.
So I broke the barriers and walked my path, because while the world was building walls , I climbed and chose my side, because I was raised this way.

I choose to be opinionated in a world where opinions change fast and judgments are passed without giving a thought, I choose to make my own choices because I was raised to follow my instincts and learn my lessons.

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