Jag Me Janam Kyu Leti Hai Beti…

Posted by Shyama A Kumar
May 18, 2017

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Jag me janam kyu leti hai beti!!!


Although these are the lines of a song from movie “Pinjar”. But my question is still the same… Why do girls take birth on the earth?

Being a daughter, they bring smiles on the face of all and are considered the life of the house. But at many of the places they are not even welcomed.. Being welcomed is also not very favourable for them always. When they reach to the age of getting married, they regret, why did they came on the earth? This question arises as they are rejected on the grounds of their looks, on the capacity of their family members to pay as a dowry…..

Don’t u think the question is valid?

What if, after they get married, they are tortured like hell…. For what, the same reasons…u r not good looking…u are unable to satisfy my monetary needs…in other words, it can be said, “ask for more money from your parents”

Do the girls take birth for this?

Only a girl can be a mother ,sister ,wife and again… daughter…

Do we respect them equally?

Although there are exceptions who never face these issues, but don’t you think… majority is facing?

They always give satisfaction to others… Do they get?

I would always pray, “dear god, stop giving birth to a girl child for at least for 50 years, or till the time, we can’t ensure a healthy society for them, let the world starve for it”  then only the society can realise the importance of a girl.

My question is still the same,”jag me janam kyu leti hai beti”

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