Jammu and Kashmir dispute

Posted by Muntazir Ali
May 12, 2017

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It has been a lot of time the people of J&K suffering in hands of india.Since 1947,the day J&K was controlled by india,J&K has been under imperialist power and suffering a lot of human rights violation,oppression by indian forces.People of J&K demand their right to self determination which was promised to them.But unfortunately after P.T.Jawahar Lal Nehru,all this,whatever was promised to the people of J&K,was compromised and sabotaged either by this excuse or that.Previously india used to recognise the disputed nature of J&K but now the situation has reached its worst.Now india is not ready to accept even the disputed nature of J&K.This made people of J&K hopeless and led them to lead protests against india and a high frequency movement or uprising is being observed against india.This time every corner of J&K reflects only one voice “We Want Freedom”.This haunta india and its stance on J&K and india is trying to sabotage this movement by using various shitty tactics i,e comparing it to ISIS,etc…

So I request all of you,who can access my post,to stand with the people of J&K and demand the right to self determination for the people of J&K.

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