Posted by Harshit Singh Jadoun
May 28, 2017

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The below posted is my opinion and is not targeted towards any particular group, institution or any person. I have recently completed my three years in my law college below written is just a piece of my experiences which I have gained in these past three years. Being a citizen of free India I believe I can be bestowed with this minimal liberty to express my opinion on this platform.


Journalism is about results. It’s about affecting your community or your society in the most progressive way.

………………..Anas Aremeyaw Anas
However, these days the de facto practice suggests that journalism has nothing to do with Voir dire i.e. speaking the truth. It’s all about dancing on the tune of its master and the way they like to present the facts before the people. Journalism in recent past has become more of a tool for defaming the institutions sans inquiring the requisite information from the appropriate authorities related to the matter.

There is always a recognized way of dealing with issues instead of proliferating charges against any institution on the basis of refuting claims. The need of the hour is to realize that there is a difference in highlighting an issue which needs to be sorted and presenting it in a way to calumniate the reputation of any institution.

Journalism has taken a new job of starting a rebel or providing one sided support towards any lis which could have been settled via two or three chain of emails.

One should understand that it takes efforts of innumerable people to build an institution and reach at a position to guide careers of uncountable students. The alarming heading these days on social media and newspapers sound no less than a judgement by any court of the country. Moreover, the kind of reporting prevalent in the recent past depicts nothing but the wet dreams of the journalism to tarnish the image of any institution and gain publicity which I believe is de hors their operation.

The status quo in the journalism industry is that it has adopted an ex-ante approach of arriving at conclusions without appreciating the correct facts and getting them verified by the concerned authorities. This rebellion nature would fetch nothing except setting bad precedents for the coming generation regarding dealing with their predicaments with the institutions.

When was the last time you heard any social media journalists or any newspaper praising any institution for its adequate grievance redressal? When was the last time you heard any newspaper appreciating the fact when director of any college waived away or helped students saving their career by conducting a re-exam instead of out rightly awarding them backlogs?

The answer might be that the questions raised above are all an internal issues and are not highlighted much when it comes to appreciating them. So, now I would suggest that every issue that is related to a college is its internal issue and ergo should not be brought into public without any cogent and concrete evidences from the concerned authorities. If one cannot acknowledge the positives following from an academic institute, then any group should neither have the right to blemish its sanctity too.

Therefore, with all due respect I request all the different stakeholders involved with any kind of media, students, authorities in colleges or any institution to realize the sensitivity of the issues that emerge and sort it in an appropriate manner coming down to a consensus without crossing their thresholds.

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