JUSTICE: neither denied nor delayed , Exacted

Posted by Sanskriti Shandilya
May 13, 2017

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EVERY NOW AND THEN , people kind of get electrocuted by either some gang rape or by some molestation case or may be by domestic violence but there are people who shut their eyes and keep doing what they supposed to,to earn the living. I find such people better than the ones socially evolving it when they have no intention to actually deroot the cause. After getting electrocuted what they do is they post on social networking sites . Now again there are are two types of people , one that talks about the victim, how sorry they feel about them,what victims and other people of society should do about it AND the ones that talk about the culprit ,about how bad our government is , how much corruption has forged into the armpits of our country. Just a simple question WHY , IS IT REALLY WORTH IT ? because we all know its just a matter of time ,after a day or two people will forget about what happened and to whom but those culprits will remain unpunished and the victims will keep fighting alone for the justice . So why do people even show any concern at all ??? out of their good heart or due to kindness ? may be they do it out of that little sprinkle of humanity that wakes up when something so inhuman happens around them  , may be they do it because they can discuss it with feel and tell them how sorry they are for the victim and how annoyed they are with the culprit. through social media we all can reach a lot of people and we do that too . then why things never come in action ? why it ends up just being a post on facebook or twitter ? may be because we are only doing it halfway all we do is post the things , talk about it and that is just the half of what we all should do. what about the gracious actions ? who will do that ?summon it up with actions and words , may be then the justice would neither be denied nor delayed.

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