Justin Bieber Concert: Not a FLOP SHOW. But a SLAP we Indians needed.

Posted by Raman Thukral
May 13, 2017

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Justin Bieber is a name that needs no introductions. Perhaps, it would be a self-shaming act if I tend to do so. Well, that’s the reason why we Indians were so eager and excited to watch him live. To see him perform with our naked nice. We Indians were so exulted to catch him on a stage set on our desi ground. Weren’t we? Indeed we were. This was all over the news from a week ago.

The news was being generated in bulk. As a matter of fact, the news presenters were happy as this one event was producing enough NEWS for the day that they didn’t have to move a muscle for other worthy events happening in the country. After all, Justin Bieber was visiting India. Justin Bieber LIVE. That’s not a small happening. It’ a big event.  A once in a lifetime thing. You feel am exaggerating, right? Yes, I’m. Because it is Justin Bieber. #JB Yo!

‘Indians under Bieber fever’. This was the statement that flashed on uncountable times on my television screen. Kudos to the creativity that the media-men aptly rhymed Bieber with fever. Well, it was a fever. And not just the ordinary citizens of the nation, but also the most celebrated people of our country were also under the influence of this fever. Yes, the famous celebrities of our Indian Film Industry. The people of Bollywood, which we worship were preparing for Bieber’s concert, by getting styled by Fashion Designers and what not…

Fabulous Alia Bhatt, Gorgeous Sonali Bendre, Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez, Rockstar Arjun Rampal, Dashing Malaika Arora, Quintessential Sridevi. These are the names that made it to the list of the news reporters covering the Bieber Concert. But I’m sure there would be more.

There were news items that said: Badshah Shah Rukh Khan and Dabangg Salman Khan are competing to host Beiber. Jacqueline Fernandez to host a lavishing official backstage after party for Justin Biever after his performance.

And the ticket prices: well, we all know about it. This concert was the only item that made Indians go crazy and shit after the innovative Apple iPhone. 76000 buck was the cost if I’m not wrong here. And after that, some of us did another amazing social media thing by tagging Snapchat’s CEO in a statement and telling him that we Indians are not poor. Ours is not a land of poor people. We have the audacity to buy a ticket that costs three-fourth of one hundred thousand. We have the balls. #JB Yo!

But what actually happened at the EVENT?


I feel unfortunate to be unable to attend the concert. I’m seeing myself as the most unlucky being to be unable to catch The Justin Bieber UN-synchronize SHOW.

And showcasing a flop show he exited squarely into his private jet.

Which means he disappointed the hottest Jaqueline Fernandez who in his honor had planned a party. Poor her. #KLPD Sonali Bendre calling the concert a waste of time.

By large and so, this is what happened.

Since we Indians are present all over and are placed at all the high-profile positions, the head of Bieber’s PR team must have been an Indian only and because of that guy either of these two things can be considered the reason for his flow show.

Bieber’s PR Team must have told him about the reputation we Indians had attained. I believe, he had put all his efforts for his World Concert to make it a Super-Duper Success, but when he came to know that he had to perform in India, he got nervous and it was his stage fright that we witnessed. He was so afraid to not get hit by tomatoes and eggs that he under-performed and knowing that he didn’t put a great show on the stage, he dashed straightly into his plane and without wasting a second, he flew.

OR, We Indians also have attained a reputation of showing off. We tend to do certain senseless things and then also take pride in that. His PR team, of course, must have told him that there isn’t any need to practice or prepare while doing it in India. And why so? Because we Indians are already over excited that he doesn’t need to do anything. His charm had already captivated our minds. And Bieber took it way too seriously and after his poor gig on the stage, he took the flight. In a way, he conveyed the truth which many of us are still not trying to decipher. And that is: who are we? We are furious that we waited in long ques in sweat for long hours for him and he came and just lip-synced his own songs. And what was running in our head at that point was: we didn’t pay for this, you fool. And in return, he said: F You. You deserved this and with his swag he flew.

But anyways, Justin Bieber was in India. #JB Yo!

But still, Justin Bieber is lucky. After his flop show, the frustrated and disappointed Indians only tweeted negative sentences at him. He was fortunate that he didn’t get his posters burned and made it out alive.

But it wasn’t his sheer luck, it was his cunningness that nothing bad eventuated. He cleverly chose his song ‘Sorry’ and fit it in his performance and we Indians are so big hearted beings that we accepted his apology.

In news, I saw: Young children, the youth of this country standing outside the Mumbai airport at 2 AM, just to receive him carrying his posters and his name painted on their foreheads. There were tweets and hashtags with his name and about this much-awaited concert and people literally were dying to be a part of the event. What was that all about? What was the point? Yes, I know he’s an International celebrity and I’m no one to accuse him or make fun of him. But its’ not about him anymore. It is about us. Our nation. We have real issues to solve, issues that matter, issues that are needed to be solved. But none is talking about it.

Why SO? I know we all know why is it that. Look in the mirror and you’ll know it too, if you don’t, yet.

He didn’t put a flop show. We deserved it. He showed us our #aukaat. A tight SLAP right at our faces. And what we can do is: WAKE UP.

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