“Kashmir!- still a question of losing or winning.

Posted by ankita kar
May 24, 2017

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“Kashmir”-Is it a part of India? Controversies everywhere. And this is the very same question that makes the life of Kashmiris miserable.
Kashmir is beautiful and still remains in our songs and heritage but is on the verge of getting destroyed completely by political clashes and international disagreement. A continuous war ongoing to keep Kashmir a part of India and not lose it because it is precious.
Yes, it is still a part of us, a part of India, that India where Kashmir was serene and so surreal before all this violence came in and dared to reside in its shadow.Kashmir is named after ancient Hindu saint Rishi Kashyap who lived there around thousands of years ago. So, from the beginning itself, Kashmir is a part of India. Until one day, when Kashmir was divided in their opinion of either joining India or Pakistan or being a separate country in itself. It became a part of India but only after the leaders of Kashmir were assured that they would be given a lot of autonomy in matters relating to their state. And thus the constitution of India added a new law, giving special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. And thus, laws related to citizenship, ownership of property and fundamental rights are different from the rest of the country.
According to the constitution of India, India can purchase property in any state of the country but Kashmir is an exception. Only permanent residents of Kashmir can buy property in India. Kashmir has its own constitution, with its own separate head of state and almost runs like a separate country. All these are conflicting to accept but still, somehow Kashmir manages to remain in the emotions of India.
Yes, legally, Kashmir’s autonomy has become hollow in the recent years.
And most importantly, a nation’s happiness is with its people and Most of the Kashmiris are proud to be a part of India.
Kashmir has a been a flashpoint in India’s foreign policy issues.Since independence, Kashmir is one of the main reasons, India-Pakistan relations still remains to be tensed.It’s high time we need to solve these issues together.In every legal and moral sense, Kashmir is and will be an integral part of India.

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