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Let’s Be Happy! Let’s Get Tickled Pink!

Posted by Swati Khurana
May 18, 2017

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We all are gifted with the power to choose; choose to be happy but very few use it. One of my friends has very well written:-

एक सांस सबके हिस्से से हर पल घट जाती है,
कोई जी लेता है, किसी की कट जाती है

जो कट गयी तो उम्र, जो जी ली तो ज़िन्दगी कहलाती है!

Few years back I realized, most of the people are not happy and just cribbing about things they do not have, things which are hard to achieve, Students are worried about their exams, working population is not happy with their job. There are those who do not have kids but would give anything to have their own child. And then there are others who have kids but are not happy with them.

Do you know approximately 0.8 million people commit suicide every year?

This gave me a push to start a group called “Tickled Pink”.

Most of us are unaware not only about the meaning of “Tickled Pink” but its essence.

On trying to infer the meaning of this term one might say it’s a shade of Pink, something related to feminism or women empowerment. But it is much more than that. Well, technically it’s an idiom which means ‘to give pleasure or gratify’ but in Delhi, it is known by a group of cheerful people from different walks of life who believe in the idea of spreading smiles.

How to identify this group? They make you happier just with their presence? Their laughter is infectious, their smile makes you feel loved, they always see the bright side of life and are grateful just to be alive? They are even happy on Mondays 🙂

This group comes up with unique ideas of spreading smiles every month such as organizing a fair for street kids, taking kids suffering from cancer for a picnic or going on a date with Grannies from old age home.

Happiness has this great thing, when you are happy, it not only affects you but it has a positive effect on all those around you. It has a ‘domino’ effect, the chain reaction of happiness and it all begins with you as an individual.

So your happiness is taken on board by those around you who also spread them in turn. Just imagine the impact this would create if the feeling like a ripple caused by stone is perpetuated and multiplied by hundreds, then thousands and then millions of people?

This might not come across as being an easy thing to do but if we consciously make an effort we will be much more effective at creating the kind of world you want.

Therefore, through our own happiness, we are actually giving something to other people too and enabling them to feel happy as well.

They say if a butterfly flaps its wings at the right speed at the right time it can cause a hurricane. Let’s be that butterfly. Let’s create that hurricane of smiles. One face at a time.

We wish to take up many more such initiatives in the future and make Tickled Pink a mass movement. We work not only for the happiness of underprivileged but also for the happiness of our volunteers which in turn affects more people.

So, here is your official invitation to Be Happy! Join the forces for happiness! Join Tickled Pink.

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