Life and Circumstances

Posted by Johann George
May 31, 2017

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Life is made out of flesh and blood. Life is so unique that it can come in any form. Life is so precious that one can do anything with it. Life is like a gem. Life is worth something to someone.

There are circumstances in life that makes us who we are. Due to these circumstances, nothing can change that. Not even by force. It is hard to say whether if we can let go of the circumstance that is holding us back.

Circumstances holds people back. It can be in the form of a personal setback or personal issue relating to life. For instance when one person looses someone close, a part of that person is taken from the soul and later some realise that the person has changed. We see it in films every day. Some people overcome it without changing while others reform forging their own path. These circumstances can confine the people mentally into an isolated room where they want to be by themselves. Are they to blame if the circumstance gets worse with the people around try to get involved or if people do the same mistake or problem even after being warned, threatened or encouraged not to?

Life and circumstances also depends on the choices made. Some choices made can be the easy way out, but there can be a consequence to that. So does taking the hard choice does not have any consequences? Easy or hard way, there’s always a consequence. Its either the main person in the script is involved or the people involved in the choice is affected.

Life is unexpected, people know that. There are times when life will become a threat that we are forced to make a choice or look for another option. Time is another circumstance in life. Sudden decisions come due to the lack of time in the hands. Very careful long term decisions or goals (personal or public) come with time.

In conclusion, these circumstances in life have a very high price to pay and there is no turning back to the other choice depending how much time it took to realise the decision. Sometimes there is turning back to other choices but it comes with a bigger price, there is no stopping that. This helps forge a new path created by the architect of that vision with that person at the driver’s seat.

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