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Life is tough darling, so are you

Posted by Leepi Agrawal
May 6, 2017

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Life is tough darling, so are you.

-S B Henry,

It happened to read in one of the cafes in Ahmedabad when I was attending a book launch. I didn’t know why, but my mind was revolving around this quote, maybe because I had been passing from a bad day since morning or maybe I allowed those worst 5 minutes of my day to take away all my peace. But this quote has something to do with me for sure.

It was 7 in the evening, the author proceeded for the book launch and I was standing and gazing on that black wall, and suddenly I was taken back to that 5 minutes in the morning where I had a fight with my mother in law.

After marriage, I don’t know what happens to mom that they all start performing the role of a perfect “Saas” as in daily soaps. I was being forced to look like a married girl, but I refused to wear those materialistic things which would symbolize my love for my husband. To be this is all bullshit, she said me to my husband longevity I should wear bangles, toe rings, Bindi, and always had a vermillion above my forehead and what not, but I had a sudden urge or a curiosity of knowing that before marriage wasn’t you so concerned about your son’s longevity?

All concerns and health issues you started to think after he got a wife?

Are wives like some poison to their husband? All security concern arose after marriage? Why?

I seriously don’t have any problem in wearing all this stuffs, but I had a problem with the sick mentality and inappropriate guidance we have been imparted since our childhood.

Ain’t wife life is important? Why don’t you ask your son to put up all this stuff so that his wife would stay healthy?

No, no one cares about girls, right?

That patriarchal system, only boys!

If only patriarchal, then why they are being born from a woman’s womb, and why not men?

No men have any right to teach us the social customs and beliefs because they are from women and it should be purely matriarchy.

My mother in law has got so much to teach me about all patriarchy system, but I defend because for me love is most important of such differences. I talked to my husband about such disbeliefs and he too believes that this stuffs aren’t going to affect his longevity but my love for him was.

I and my mother in law had a heated conversation, but I stayed on my words for avoiding such materialistic things and to get evolved with love, and that quote on the wall related to that 5-minute incident, “Life is tough darling, so are you.”

I want to work in the direction of women welfare and I think the change has to start from my home, for being tough and saying “No” to such disbeliefs.

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