LinkedIn Research Reveals Why Indian Millennials Want A Job In These 10 Companies

How do Indians choose where to work? Not necessarily by looking at the salary-package being offered by a company. Where do Indians want to work right now? Not necessarily in the largest MNC. These are some of the findings in the latest research on India’s top companies in 2017 by the business and employment social networking site LinkedIn.

The list compiled by LinkedIn looked at metrics on three aspects for ranking companies – the rate of job applications, engagement with a company, and retention of employees- based on actions taken by the social networking site’s 500+ million members. Data was collated for views and applications made to job postings on LinkedIn; engagement with the company’s employees, its career page, and its content; and whether employees stayed with the company for at least a year.

The analysis was done for only those companies that have more than 500 employees however, and LinkedIn and Microsoft (LinkedIn’s parent company) were excluded from the analysis. Actions taken by users during only the past 12 months (ending February) were taken into account.

Here are the top 10 companies according to the data collated by LinkedIn and the reasons why employees are flocking to these companies:

1. Flipkart (Internet)

2016 Rank: 1

What It Offers: The e-commerce company, which secured a record $1 billion in funding recently, looks to develop its employees’ skills after hiring them, apart from keeping them in good health and mood. Employees who have spent 2 years at the company are allowed to take a career break to pursue higher studies, for spending time with family, or for attending to medical emergencies.

Oh! They also work at making the office seem personal. You will be picked up by a chauffeur-drive car on your first day and sent on a treasure hunt to familiarise you with the office.

2. Amazon (Internet)

2016 Rank: 1

What It Offers: Despite a damning report by The New York Times that highlighted the exploitation of employees at the company, Amazon continues to attract employees. At no. 5 on LinkedIn’s list of top global attractors, the company’s perks such as the Amazon Career Choice program, which pays 95 percent of tuition fee for courses in fields in demand, and the salary on offer seem to be the reason behind many flocking to the company. CEO Jeff Bezos has, in fact, said he’ll be investing more in India.

3. KPMG India (Management Consulting)

2016 Rank: 5

What It Offers: Up in ranking since last year, the company told LinkedIn last year that they attract employees with their stretch assignments and global placements. In 2015, 2,500 people at the company participated in the company’s “global mobility program”, which allowed them to work internationally.

Flipkart’s office in Bengaluru. (Image Credit: Hemant Mishra/Mint via Getty Images)

4. One97 Communications (Internet)

2016 Rank: Not ranked.

What It Offers: The amazing year the company behind the payment platform Paytm had post-demonetisation in India could be a reason why people want to work at the company. LinkedIn says the company offers an Employee Stock Ownership Plan to the topmost performers irrespective of where they are in the seniority-list or at what designation they work. If you are a top performer, you also get an annual bonus, over and above the annual appraisal.

5. Ola (Internet)

2016 Rank: 10

What It Offers: According to LinkedIn, it’s the company’s innovative initiatives, launched on a regular basis, that’s making employees eye the company with interest.

6. HCL Technologies (IT and Services)

2016 Rank: 8

What It Offers: HCL claims it’s their trademark culture of ‘Ideapreneurship’, the belief that all employees should ideate for solving operational and customer challenges, that keeps them going.

The fourth largest software services exporter recently even recruited 200 high school students. They were enrolled in an on-the-job training program for software engineers. This was done with the aim that this will create skilled talent for entry-level jobs at the company.

7. Adobe (Computer Software)

2016 Rank: 7

What It Offers: A lot apparently. An employee gets special health perks such as doctors visiting campuses and providing free consultations to even their families. A weird number, but the company also reimburses up to Rs 37,663 for gym memberships, fitness classes, and other wellness activities.

Sabbaticals for employees who have stayed with the company for long enough is another perk that the company offers. You get a four-week paid leave after 5 years of continuous service and a six weeks off after 15, 20, 25, or more years of working at the company.

8. Alphabet (IT and Services)

2016 Rank: Google, its main division, was ranked 4th.

What It Offers:  LinkedIn says the Google’s ‘chill’ culture isn’t behind Alphabet’s ranking. It’s the opportunity and resources given to employees to solve all kinds of problems is what the LinkedIn report says is keeping the employees hooked.

9. OYO Rooms (Hospitality)

2016 Rank: 16

What It Offers: Started by a 23-year-old college dropout, OYO is growing on all fronts.

As an employee, your experience is taken care of by an Office Mayor. The office is open and everybody works together with bench-like tables.

10. Reliance (Oil and Energy)

2016 Rank: 23

What It Offers: It’s one of the largest companies in India and no wonder people want to work there. To retain employees, the company announced a talent retention program in April last year. The program helps employees switch careers within the company.

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