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Love is what one needs

Posted by Ankita Panda
May 9, 2017

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“How does the situation look like at your place now?”, I asked a colleague of mine from Srinagar. “Bad”, he said. “Those who have to gain from the situation are gaining what they have to, but for normal people like us its sad”. I heard him and got back home. While his words kept buzzing in my ears, I wondered about the beautiful place Kashmir is and what would the coming generations know about the place. Everyday while going to work, I hear this person who is a muslim by faith talk happily with his fellow Kashmiri who is a pandit. What wrong did they do? Why do they have to feel sad about their place? No human wants war, hatred and pain. All they want is love and peace. That is the core nature of humans. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. There is simply no stop to this. We continue hating people, there is more hatred which is going to spread. Even a simple thought of negativity can make an environment polluted, then imagine tons of people speaking bad about other fellowmen. What are we gaining from this? I also saw a video recently, where a woman goes back to her village in Kashmir after many years of Kashmiri pandits being thrown out from the valley.While meeting her old neighbors, she comes across this man who gives her eighty rupees borrowed from her father before the riots and could never return him back. The lady burst into tears for she knew, they were truly her own and they were never the ones who asked her to leave.Apart from the POK issue, there are numerous reasons the place is affected. When there is no stable Government and people to help you, Army guarding you 24×7, what would a kid understand and what plans will he make about his future. He does not know if he can wake up alive every morning once he closes his eyes to sleep. We hear news about Kashmiris being harrased and ill-treated. At this time of despair, where they are in search of their own identity or rather creating a completely new version of it, support and love is what they need. This is the only thing which can help them. Misbehaving would create more of law-breakers and haters which no one would otherwise  have wanted to become.

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