Married Off At 14, How This Fearless Mother Of 2 Became A Star Of India’s ‘Hot Movies’

Pooja feels she can take on the world, thanks to India’s B-grade film industry.

Ever wondered what the family life of a B-grade actress is like? Married at the young age of 14, Pooja Gupta wasn’t sure what to make of her life when her husband divorced her after the birth of their second child. Working as a makeup artist for a few years paid the bills, but it was only when a casting director asked her to shoot a scene that her life turned around. Today, Pooja is a bold, confident woman who has the support of her mother and two daughters to pursue a career in ‘hot movies’.

Bollywood is all about bright lights, big stars, and incomparable celebrity. But what about its fringes? 101 Movietown looks at the men and women living and working at the periphery of the Hindi film industry – animal trainers and fight masters, extras, imitators, and duplicates, strugglers and misfits. 101 Movietown is the only show that takes its lens beyond the the silver screen to spotlight the thousands of its support cast members, in all of their vibrant colours: stories so inspiring that the main show – the ‘Big Bollywood Dream’ – often pales in comparison!


Image Source : YouTube
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