Posted by Sana Khan
May 30, 2017

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Menstruation, also known as periods, is a natural process. There is nothing to feel ashamed about it; we don’t need to hide it. Rather, we should be proud of it. Many girls have the blessing of becoming others through this natural process.

There are many taboos when it comes to menstruation. In many families, girls who are menstruating are not allowed to touch anything or enter the kitchen. At some places, there is a saying that who are menstruating shouldn’t be eating pickle. People have made menstruation an ‘issue’; even if girls are not ashamed of it, people make sure that they feel ashamed.

The biggest problem is that it starts from nowhere else, but our own house. The day a girl begins with her menstruation cycle she is told not share it with anyone. Many mothers don’t even talk to their daughters about menstruation. Many girls don’t even know what actually menstruation is and why is it so important. Girls are told not to share it with any ‘male’ member, be it their father or brother or anyone else.

I don’t get it what is so shameful in carrying a packet of sanitary napkins. It is such a shameful thing according to the society that we get it in black polythene at stores. Also, sanitary napkins and menstruation are such big ‘issues’ that the government has declared it as a luxury good and imposed taxes on it!

It is very sad that many girls don’t have access to hygienic conditions to live in. many girls don’t have access to sanitary napkins. Many girls don’t even know what sanitary napkins are.

Unless and until we don’t change the conditions in our own family or house, our surrounding s cannot change. We must be the change we want to see in others.

Creating awareness among people and talking to them freely about menstruation has become a must. It is important to create awareness so that the restrictions that we often impose upon girls about eating, or anything else, are stopped. It is important for the health and well-being of a girl. For a girl to stay healthy, it is important that she knows about the changes happening with her.

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