Menstruation was truth, way it was treated was a bitter truth

Posted by Rasmi Das
May 2, 2017

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Guwahati, 2nd May, 2017: That particular day changed my life entirely. I was not allowed to see my father, my brother and my entire male family member. It was the first time when I felt I am a girl. Yes , it was the blood stains in my inner wear. I hurried to my mother.

An unknown, unexplained fear was lurking in my mind. Suddenly my parents started crying. I was not allowed to touch anything. I could not see the sun ray. Even I was not allowed to eat my the foods I loved. Then I knew that I have become a different girl. The seven days were completely different days of my life.

After seven days, they brought me to light. The sun shined like any other day, but the whole scenario was a peculiar one. They dressed me like a bride. Many people came to my home, some faces are known and some are unknown. It was like a small marriage party. The females of my home gave me various advises. Most of them seemed to be irrelevant for me. I could not understand why those changes have come to my life. I noticed some women whispering to my mother.

Yes, life has changed. Now I am not allowed to play with boys, I couldn’t wander on street without my parents or my elder brother with me. Many restrictions had come in. My mother said ‘behave like a girl’. I felt a very insecured at that time. I felt like I was abandoned. They gave me a separate room. I couldn’t go to school.  Because of my hormonal changes sometime I felt very angry. My mood started swinging more frequently.

I felt annoyed, felt irritated from everyone. Sometime I feel depressed. I wanted to scream or cry.. Those six days had become horrible days of my life. Before menstruation I feel some cut my lower abdomen. I felt severe pain in my legs. On the month of December, I temperature rose like summer days. I couldn’t sit properly.

I was not allowed to wear light colored dresses. Every time there was a fear in my mind. But I was not allowed share those with my male friend and even my father. Probably, they were also had no idea of how horrible those haunting days of my life were.

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