misbehavior by police cited in naugawan sadat

Posted by Faizan luxmi
May 26, 2017

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what can a normal citizen do living in rural areas

i remember that night very genuinely when two mobile police cop came near to us . Me and my two other colleague was sit at the periphery of our village

it was not very late night something it would be 10 o; clock . there was darkness around us. little bit of light was glowing. Two police cop on motor bike was on daily patroling

they seemed us sitting on a bench and suddenly came to us. They shouted at us in rough n tough language and abuse us.

  they could talk in easy manner. and could have soft conversation. 

they think that they are god they can do what they want to do

either misusing or beating 

police is intended for our help and we have to feel proud. but now story has become different.

but actually they are the real villain of our life

what can a illiterate person, farmer, or a villager do in front of a police man who is assuming him that they have lots of power like God


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