My fault I am sorry

Posted by Shahana Hussain
May 19, 2017

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Today they rape because I wear shorts
They rape me because I do night out
They rape me because I flaunt my body
They rape me because I encourage them
Its my fault and I apologise
I am sorry I flirt, its allowed to you only
I am sorry I drink, its for you only
When you rape I should keep my knee together
Its again my fault, because I should be predictor
Surely I will open one training centre
Than she will apologise to rape blamer
I will teach my five year child to be cover
I will teach my grandmother to stay in house
I will teach to sisters to cover even their fingers
I will teach my Muslim sisters to keep knees together
we are sorry what we have done
We will learn not to encouraged you with any stunt

By shahana Hussain..

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