Naachaniya :Quest for dignity

Posted by Rajat Mishra
May 24, 2017

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IN Bollywood we might have accorded status of Celebrity on “Female Dancers” We might celebrate their talent and adore them by bestowing award upon them. But hold on its not pervasive reality exactly 1500 km faraway From glamorous and mayanagri Mumbai, There exist Completely Different world where words like Praise and Dignity are absent from dictionary of Female Dancers. It is story of “Dancer Pinki”  who came from Jharkhand , It is Story of “Dancer Ritu” who came from West bengal and both says that it is the worst and most Humiliating profession in UP. But one thing that Ritu and Pinki have in Common is that both choosed this profession not out of interest but out of necessity and Poverty.  Yes its Eastern Uttar Pradesh  where Every Euphoric Function of family From Marriage to Birthday celebration are ought to be embellished by the Thumkas of Female Orchestra”  or In native language called out as “Naach “.

As I have witnessed that how these female dancers or “Nachaniya “ in Native language are subjected to Extreme humiliation only on account of Being Dancer. Its reality that its the “Nacch” in marriages that attract people from adjoining villages to see the dance.but once These Female dancers start performing on Notorious “Bhojpuriya songs” the spectaters reaches to pinnacle of Excitement and Enthusiasm and from there on indecency of spectaters start propping up that excited men start hurling Derogatory and Denigrating,  indecent and vulgar comments such as”Chammiya”, “Chammak challo” “Chikni”  and many more. But all boundries of Decency are demolished amidst of dance when male spectaters got up on stage and start groping the nachaniya and Start dancing with her forcefully. Demands to play vulgar “Bhojpuriya songs” are made. But its Poverty and Circumstances that render nachinya or Female dancer to keep dancing with all humiliation and Disrespect.

Here in UP the “Nachaniyas” are considered “Characterless women” in entire society. Their agony and Pain unveiled when Pinki said that her entire family has been ostracised from society, the village” Nankania” where she is residing along with her Husband and Two children. She says that not even single child plays with my children, people of Village doesn’t talk to us. We are completely Isolated even living among more than thousands of People but we dont have any alternative thus we continue to face this Seclusion and story of Ritu  is no different from Pinki. Both said that every relative of us snapped relations with us when they got to know that we are “Nachaniya” in UP.

Such Disrespect, Humiliation are coupled with this  profession but they are Entertainers on the same lines of Bollywood actress so why they should be deprived of Dignity which is Constitutional right, Even if we can not award them but certainly we can award them with their equal space in society and their constitutional entitlement.

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