Not having good face,I blame upon God, but she thanks….

Posted by Madhu Bhagat
May 22, 2017

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Like other girls, I wanted to be stunning at face, but something that changed my prospective.Three years ago, I depressed myself for not having beautiful face. Not to go anywhere, I scare to face people with my bad face. Indulging myself in the school and house chores build me up. Not having beautiful face, I used to be sad. I used to blame upon god for my face. I didn’t want to show my face, not to upset anyone through my look as I considered. This is not by birth. My mindset fell down so negative via an incident  in school. Three years ago, some boys called me ‘A girl with a ugly face’. Not even once , but all the time. I couldn’t say anything except falling the tears. I got victimized of their rubbish call name daily. Gradually, I became negative day by day,But I knew one  thing,  was to be lost in study. Sometimes, I recalled about the painful scene of classroom, where the boys used to call me’ black berry’.  After passing tenth with good marks, I got admission  in a new college for  further studies. I was pretty dedicated for my work. Being Plodding, I got surpassing marks. I had so many friends, but no one could change my negative prospective towards of my look. Everybody appreciated me except my negative thoughts.  A girl named Riddhima, came to me. Riddhima was junior of mine, on keeping fabulous dancing. I heard her name in the school. She won the state level competition. I praised  her dancing. After it,we used to meet daily.

Time changed but my negativity remains dread in the heart, I startled still to go any party. Time to time,my friends and junior Riddhima used to come in my house, as they knew my fear of facing people. On the 14th Feb, she invited me for party.  She insisted me a lot, but as usual I refused to come. Next day, I was going to market, suddenly I realized my hand held. I turned my face to see . I got to know it is Riddhima. ‘Ohh it’s you Riddhima’ I said. ‘Di, today I want to lump you with someone’. ‘But to whom?’ with surprisingly I questioned. ‘Let’s  go di’ holding my hand to show something. We ran. After walking tour, Riddhima stopped me in the corner  of road and said with pointing the small house on the other side ‘See my friend Jasmine. Jasmine had ungainly face, still she was happy. In childhood, someone on rushed on her through acid.  Losing one eyes, Jasmine is still happy to get one eye at least. She pleased to meet people and they too felt plausible to meet her. She had not a big dream, but to make money for completing her family’s needs.’ I was  listening very attentively to Riddhima. She called Jasmine. Jasmine got at where I was. ‘Madhu, meet my friend Jasmine’ said Riddhima. She introduced us. We talked for a while. I had drawn in her positivity. My heart was saying ‘How positive she is, even not getting not eyes. I blamed upon god for not giving me good face, but what about those people, who always be happy not having anything. They  love their life not like me. I felt , Her positivity was ejecting my negativity for face. so, I called Jasmine ‘you are a positive lamp’.  She  replied ‘Ohh, not I am. It’s god, who thought me deserving for this beautiful life. I got everything, a beautiful parents, house, and people’  Her thoughts insisted me to lay off negativity from the heart. Jasmine went off.  I said to Riddhima ‘She is awesome girl by heart and brave too. Today, it’s big day. I determined myself, I will not cast a blame upon god.Yes, Jasmine is right, god has given beautiful life to featured people. Now,I felt pleasant to discard my enemy, negativity. Thank you dear’. Riddhima pleased to listen it, then said ‘I wanted you to change your mindset on your face, Now you changed.’That’s a big change in my life. I was totally overcasted by the negative rays. Jasmine, that girl helped me come out. She had a soft heart with intellectual mind made her different from others, in spite of not having one eyes and good face. I transmuted myself, seeing the condition of jasmine.


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