Not so glamorous lifestyle of celebrities: 5 reasons as to Why it Sucks to be a Celeb.

Posted by Yatmanyu Rawat
May 22, 2017

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Alright, alright, alright. You already know my Hollywood reference, don’t you? So, today we gonna talk about celebrities. Who exactly are celebrities? Well, you may say the ones who’re wealthy, have a fan following, are good looking?, living the life you dream off blah blah blah. Obviously, Bill Gates ain’t a celebrity, right? Pfft. Like he may be the number one among the richest people for the fourth year in a row, and the richest person in the world for 18 out of the past 23 years, but, you know..

Anyways, let’s ignore the glamourous facts of a celebrity Life and focus on the top 5 not so glamorous things of a celebrity Life:

1) Sayonara to normal outings:  Celebrities and normal outings are like vodka and decisions. They don’t go together. If you’re a celebrity and somehow get inspired to go out like normal people, be assured that you’ll be cornered by Paparazzi and a sea of fans *only if you’re famous*, if you aren’t that famous, then go wherever the hell you want man.

Here’s an example, when Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to experience freshly brewed tea like normal people.

Btw Nike cr7 collection is da bomb.

2) Keeping the cool, ALWAYS? : Yup. Yes. Yeah. Oui. Being a celebrity isn’t easy, and here’s another reason highlighting this fact. If you’re famous and you lose your cool, you’re in for a tough time. No matter what happens, whether Paparazzi is giving you a hard time or some fans are annoying you, you have to go through the situation, as calmly as possible. Else, you even raise your voice and you’ll find yourself in the​ headlines the next day labelled as agressive, abusive and rude?

Um. She’s hot though.

I’m uncomfortable but I’ll smile cuz I’m a celebrity starter pack.

3) PAPARAZZI AND FANS: What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a celebrity? Paparazzi and fans, ofcourse. You consider it awesome to have those girls and guys running after you to get clicked, hug you, get an autograph *well these days it’s more of a selfiegraph but for old time’s sake* and those shutterbugs constantly running after you to click your ‘oh what a beauty’ face. Child, you have no idea. Constantly being chased by photographers when you step out of your house, everyday, 365 days, well 366 in a leap year, is so stressing. I’m talking like I’m a celebrity, well, I’m not but I can feel the pressure you know. Fans btw, always running after you for selfies, everywhere; you’d be a celebrity, calmly using the washroom and boom, here’s a guy with a selfie request. Even when you’re not in the mood, they’ll approach you and accuse you of being rude even though you want to be left alone. Can you feel the intensity of this point? Look at the size of the para man. C’mon.

Btw, here’s JB being instigated to show aggression by a Paparazzi tick.


4) Say cheese. I mean say cheese all the freaking time!: See, here’s my friend Abhijith. He always smiles.

And the only other people who seem to smile all the time are, you guessed it right, celebs. WHY? HOW CAN SOMEONE SMILE AND LAUGH AND LOOK HAPPY AND BLAH BLAH, ALL THE TIME? Oui. Celebrities have to constantly look happy, always have to smile, give out chilled vibes, because they’re celebrities. People expect them to be happy all the time, and they have to fake it. It’s very stressful to cater the happy vibes need even when you’re not in the mood, but nothing can be done.

I love Kanye for this. He doesn’t smile when he doesn’t wanna smile, and doesn’t smile when he wanna smile.


Kanye doesn’t fake it. Be like Kanye.

5) Opinion? pfft. Let me get it reviewed from 500 people first: See it’s 2017 and you gotta understand that opinion is a phenomenon of the past human civilization. You give your opinion, and you’ll be targeted as Pakistani, dumb, JNU, JNU passout, NRI Pakistani etcetera. Celebrities, have no freedom to express themselves and even if they do, they’re targeted by people in ridiculous ways. Celebrities have to get their statements reviewed by their spokesperson and that my children, isn’t an opinion. It’s an opinion formed to cater the mindset of everyone, something everyone wanna hear.

Here’s a sad example of Shahrukh Khan facing problems after expressing himself.


I’m not denying that being a celebrity is a blessing but there is more to this celeb. life than meets the eye. If you like the article, share it.

And here’s a random picture of me because why not.


People call me Farzi Raj

Peace out. 

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