People’s view on carrying a sanitary napkin

Posted by Pooja Bhatt
May 30, 2017

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Hi Everyone,
Would like to share an experience of people’s mindset on Sanitary Napkins.

Yesterday I went to the shop near by to buy a sanitary pad. I took the pack and kept it for billing. He handed over the bill to me. Then he took a carry bag and put that pad in it and gave me the cover. I asked him ” why you’re covering this pad? I can take it without cover. Is anything wrong? He said “that’s how we give and it should be covered” I was shocked to hear his response.

There was time when I used to feel so awkward to ask for a pad in the shop. I used to buy only from females. As days passed, I realized how dumb I was to think this way.

Once I asked my boy friend to get a pad for me.  He took his backpack and started walking. I asked “why are taking bag with you?  I thought he was going to get a booze as well. But he said “Shopkeeper’s will not  give a carry bag to keep the sanitary pad”

Dude it is just a pad ,very common thing among females. And why do we need to hide? We are not buying any illegal product from you so we should hide. It’s every woman’s need .

Guys this is a biological thing and all the girls have to face it.   Is it so difficult to understand this simple thing?  Hence I request all women to carry it boldly! There’s nothing to be ashamed of! #IAmNotDown #Mystory

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