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Posted by Stuti Sharma
May 18, 2017

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Though modern citizens , the most of half the population of ours does not believe menstrual problems to be a REAL PROBLEM.

Of course , the fact that it has been hidden from their ears and eyes for most of the time  gives fuel to their indifference towards the grave issue. But otherwise too , they are of a mindset where menstrual hygiene is not a compulsory aspect. But it is. We , the other half know that.

In poor households , the male factions are not ready to spare their precious money for the trivial sanitary napkins. The taxes levied are a nail to the coffin.

How is a pad a luxury but a bidi a necessity? I am amazed by this patriarchal approach.

The conditions in rural areas are pathetic. The rags, cloths, even the dry leaves and sometimes once used and washed clothes , these are the torments we have to suffer. But the other halves mostly do not bother, for it is not their pain.

It can and does in fact causes grave infections which may even have drastic effects such as hospitalisation.

For the sake of humanity these napkins should be free of cost. But alas ! we have taxes on them.

Its high time we take up sanitary health as a major health issue and help the suffering population .

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