Proactive listening is at the heart of Customer Delight

Posted by Vinni Gautam
May 24, 2017

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That is the attitude of service Poornima, 22, carries in her heart. A Crew Trainer at McDonald’s Lokhandwala restaurant, Poornima loves serving her customers with a smile on her face and an empathetic ear. Over the years the customers have grown to love her, and when visiting the restaurant, they never fail to recognize her.

Poornima has a three point mantra that she believes has fuelled her successful journey from Trainee Crew Member to Crew Trainer. She trusts in listening to the customers instead of arguing with them, being honest, fearless and proactive in her approach. She says, “It is better to listen first, help them calm down, and then proactively respond to their issues with honest solutions.” She adds that it helps build confidence and strength of character when you realise that the customers are usually quite considerate and compliant, and only want a listening ear. There is no need to fear them.

She recounts an instance where a senior expat was at her restaurant one morning. He ordered a second tea within minutes of having sipped the first one. Wondering what seemed off, Poornima asked him how he liked his tea and he replied that he did like his tea with less milk. She immediately brewed him a fresh cup of tea, just how he liked it and told him that it was on the house. Having liked the tea and her warm hospitality, he requested Poornima to brew some more for him. He even tried to offer Poornima some money as a token of his appreciation, which she politely refused. The expat, so amazed by the great service and her gesture, called the McDonald’s India management to tell them how much he loved the brand and her work!

Poornima credits her accomplishments to the regular training she receives at McDonald’s. While she learns about customer care and delight, she also picks up on the finer nuances of teamwork and leadership. These trainings also contribute to her career path, and she seems to be working hard to achieve her set goals.

As part of engagement initiatives, McDonald’s India organises several in-store activities, games and customer interaction experiences which have helped employees like Poornima hone their skills, ensuring customers’ great brand engagement. Be it little children, their mothers, senior citizens or young people, they learn the art of engaging with customers from all ages and walks of life. Every team at McDonald’s is a close knit group, passionate about the brand, customer satisfaction and good hospitality.

Poornima bears the torch of McDonalds’ commitment to customer delight with pride, and there’s no denying that she’s lovin’ it.

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