Pseudo-Seculars’ Dreams Crashed With Arvindgate Expose

Posted by Rakesh Pandey
May 9, 2017

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Many dreams must have crashed after the ArvindGate expose on Republic TV. While Kejriwal could fool both – Nationalists and Pseudo-seculars – in his initial attempt when he marked his arrival in Delhi 2013 elections, he failed to keep all of them along during 2014 general elections only because he showed least concern for the agenda of fighting against Corruption using which he had arrived on the scene. He nearly lost all his Nationalist-followers during 2014 general elections. But he could catch the imagination of Pseudo-Seculars and Left-liberals and emerged as their Messiah after the historic win in 2015 Delhi elections. Pseudo-Seculars lapped him up and went ecstatic after their unexpected win in Bihar elections. But by this time Kejriwal had completely lost his way and had literally dumped his Anti-Corruption plank in favour of the cause of Pseudo-Seculars. Arrogance that he had gained with his historic Delhi win made him change his stand from keeping the sole agenda of ‘Fighting with corruption’ as promised to his voters, he jumped to fighting BJP and then lately to fighting Modi only. In fact, his inner ‘Pseudo-Secular’ soul got exposed in this process just the way the coloured jackal could not hide its identity. His ‘Pseudo-Secularism’ failed to remain within the ‘Anti-Corruption’ cover for long after witnessing the rise of Nationalists forces in India.
His ‘Left-liberal cum Pseudo-Secular’ corpse buried deep inside the grave of ‘India Against Corruption’ started turning and changing sides with the unexpected rise of Nationalists’ forces under the ever increasing popularity of Modi the PM. He somehow saved his colour from getting washed away when Kanhaiya was successfully demonized, he barely managed to keep himself mum after the crushing defeat in Haryana but threatened to expose himself bare after the Surgical Strike on Pakistan and on the issue of Demonetization. He scratched his hairs in disbelief after shameless defeats in Goa and Panjab. And after the recent ArvindGate expose it is now clear that he had fooled us till he did not start howling only to expose himself.
However, the real issue must not die with the death of AK-phenomena. Modi has a job in his hand – to save Indian democracy from the corruption that finds its roots deep in the way we fight elections. Instead of the Kejriwalish gimmickry in the name of fighting corruption what is required is a clear-cut strategy to get the elections rid of black money. Let us discuss the state funding for elections in India – to save us from the collective embarrassment of getting fooled by future Kejriwals.

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