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Pull Up Your Socks And Stand Tall

Posted by Madhulika Rawal
May 14, 2017

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I was waiting at the Delhi metro platform and had already missed 3 metro trains because they were overcrowded. “I have to get into the next one!”,I thought. As the train slowed down, I craned my neck to check the rush inside the train through the glass panel in the door. I was relieved. The rush seemed manageable. But when the doors opened, the reality came upon me. The illusion of the ‘manageable rush’ was due to the ladies sitting at the back of the women standing in the ladies’ coach.

I got in and hesitatingly requested a woman to stand as there was no space. She looked at me questioningly as though I had asked her for all her money. Thankfully, she stood up, reluctantly, I must add. I could finally manage to squeeze in the space left. Others kept sitting nonchalantly, as the train continued with its journey and the crowd kept boarding and de-boarding.

The announcements continued with the announcement of the next station. Apart from these, DMRC also announces certain admonitions. One of them is, “Passengers are requested not to sit on the floor of the train”. Sadly, only a few follow this!

Moreover, some passengers even sit with the legs stretched out with their shoes beside them as though they are sitting in a spa waiting for a masseur! Some even take care of their bags and baggage so much that even these are perfectly laid against the poles or glass panel at the end of the seating area.  They really take the ‘Make yourself at home’ really seriously.

I travel by the blue line and at Rajiv Chowk, the interchange station of the yellow and blue is teeming with people. Metro security officials at the platform only blow their whistles at passengers sitting on the floor, signaling them to get up. But once the door closes, they are back on the floor.

What is wrong with people’s morality? If you have chosen to travel by a public transport, then at least, be considerate towards other people! Sitting on the floor not only restricts movement of passengers and also increases the chances of them and the person sitting getting hurt. Moreover, one person sitting takes the space of 2-3 people standing and causes less people to travel by the train. Less people doesn’t not relate to more space for follow passengers. They are only left to squeeze in the space mercifully left by the squatters.

It is very difficult for the people standing to muster the courage to ask others to stand. One always fears a spat or argument. Nobody wants to begin or end their day fighting with complete strangers. I don’t understand what pride or accomplishment such commuters feel in arguing with the person who has asked them to stand!  And, for those who believe that only fines and humiliation can make people follow rules, here’s news:

As per Offence and Penalties under the Delhi Metro Railway ( Operations and Maintenance) Act, 2002, Section 59, ‘Drunkenness or nuisance or spitting or sitting on the floor of the train or quarrelling’  is a punishable offence and leads to a fine of Rs. 200 with forfeiture of pass/ticket, and removal from carriage.

So, please follow the “Metro ke farsh par baithna mana hai” seriously!


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