A Quick Guide To Delhi University Admissions

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May 22, 2017

And the bemusing times are back. Heading into my final year, and sitting in my college’s adda, I recall the times when nothing more mattered in life than a seat in one of Delhi University’s colleges. The process can come across as complex, but a little awareness can come to the rescue. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before applying to the University of Delhi this year.

Course Vs College

You might have scored really well in your board exams, but that does not certify your aptitude to pursue a particular course. Aptitude does matter. Despite a lot of portals coming up with suggestions, counselling and related posts, they fail to resolve a lot of anxieties and apprehensions of the applicants.

I enrolled in the sixth cut-off at SGTB Khalsa College. The seminar room had quite a few applicants for courses like English, political science and history. They had secured brilliant marks, ranging from 95 to 100. But the faculty present there, I guess, could sense their inability to pursue the subject. It made sense later. The 95%+ people barely passed their first semester. Yes! Someone who had scored more than 97% in CBSE humanities barely passed the political science papers. A person now heading into his third year is clueless about the content of the course and the syllabus. In a bid to secure admission in a well-known college, people often give less importance to the course they’re choosing. University admissions demand a lot of clarity about the process and your objectives in life.

The Admission Form

Filling up admission forms can be confusing, especially when picking between elective subjects and languages. The online central pre-admission form requires you to submit a soft-copy of your passport size photograph and scanned copies of self-attested documents. Make sure you fill the required details correctly. Most importantly, keep saving the form. The server has a history of collapsing unexpectedly.

The Cut-Offs

The cut-offs are expected to be released in July. Five cut-offs were declared the previous year. Online registration for undergraduate courses begins on May 22, 2017. If you meet the cut-off, you will have three days to enrol at the respective college where you made the cut. You will have to submit your documents and pay semester/annual fees. The worst is the struggle with photocopying documents and stationary. Make sure you have a heap of passport size photographs and self-attested photocopies of the documents ready before heading for admissions at the college.

If you decide to change your college after a subsequent cut-off, you will need to withdraw admission from the previous college first. The documents and the deposited amount are returned, with certain deductions. Beware of brokers promising back-door admissions. From peons to administration staff and (student) politicos, they claim to help seek a back-door admission, demanding huge amounts of money.

ECA and Sports Quota Admissions

I was from the last batch that didn’t have a centralised ECA Admission procedure. Running errands for trials, top-notch commutation management and a kit bag with water bottles, certificates, activity kits, mark sheets and stationary were our survival kit. There were days when I auditioned at three different colleges in a span of four hours! Centralising the procedure might have eased the process but has made the competition tougher and more complicated. It is still a little difficult to understand the judging criteria.

If you plan to apply for admissions through the ECA or sports quota, you must select the option in the form itself. Fill in the details of the activity or sport, and attach relevant training, participation and/or achievement certificates and laurels along with the particulars of the last three years only.

Trials for ECA are held at two levels. There are preliminary trials, and upon qualification, the final trials, followed by counselling. For sports, a fitness test is followed by the trials for the respective game. Under the centralised system, trials for varied activities were held at specific colleges. Final trials followed for those selected. For sports, the aspirants could undertake the fitness test at any of the enlisted colleges. Trials for different sports were held at distinct colleges.

Notification of the process for this year is awaited.

Admissions might be a test of your patience and nerves. Be self-aware. Follow the admission portal and college websites for details. For doubts, contact the concerned college directly. Do not rely on random sources. Best of luck!


Image source: Jasjeet Plaha/ Hindustan Times via Getty Images
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