Re-defining Feminism

Posted by Megha Kaul
May 30, 2017

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Beautiful, docile, emotional, sensitive, caring.

Bold, muscular, non-chalant, strong, anti sensitive.

If I ask you to tell me which one of the above set of qualities define a female, what would your answer be? Rhetoric, right?

Isn’t is amusing how these pretentious, ‘mature’ people end up differentiating even a piece of fabric on gender-basis? And after deciphering all the perspectives, I concluded that we, the spice-hungry people need of redefine feminism. But for that to happen, let us first get familiar with the present definition.

SPOILER ALERT : Feminism is not man hate!

Most of us live in a delusion, believing that feminism equals a rebel who does not want men to even breathe or co-exist. To your surprise, that’s not true. In fact, feminism is about keeping men at the same bar and rising up to it. It’s about women, proving all the prejudices wrong.

But somehow, I feel that this detail needs a little modification. Feminism shouldn’t be hours spent to ponder how females can get the right they don’t even need in their lives. It should be a life time spent just being you. Who you are and how you want to be. It should be about men feeling free to sob and eat ice cream while watching The Fault In Our Stars. On the same hand, women not shying away from growing some fat muscles and lifting heavy weight. It should be about the liberty of a person to wear contour irrespective of the gender. Arguments may arise suggesting that the word ‘feminism’ doesn’t go with this definition. But then, what is more important? The name or the purpose? If you don’t like it, change it. Call it ‘meninism’ or ‘equilism’ or ‘sugary-apple candy’, maybe. Who cares?

At this hour, we need to build a world where there’d be no need of any discussion regarding feminism. That will be the day when all feminists would get their reward. We need to ask ourselves, like Ms. Emma Watson, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

Let us make feminism about feeling free and not being a rebel. Let us redefine feminism.

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