Rigged Elections? Disguised Monarchy

Posted by rahim yusuf
May 9, 2017

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The conditions in which we are living our lies, are very comforting like a mattress for our brains. Judging by the amount of troubles, almost every section of society is facing seems horrible. I don’t blame anyone, because our rulers are put together by division in us. Lack of information leads to bad decision and wastage of precious votes. At this point one does not trust it’s own blood. Honest and sincere citizens too exists having the perfect recipe of leading. They are suppressed in the name of traitors. I am trying to write this in a general way because I don’t want to die.
EVMs were checked in some states which clearly showed signs of tampering. Yet I don’t have any proof against anyone. I read this article which showed how a single chip could be used to hack into an EVM machine.
I can surely say that elections were rigged and our leaders are the worst from the worst. There is a link to the video of an AAP MLA who explains how an EVM machine could be rigged.
Secondly, Lack of proof makes us helpless. Anyone with proofs does not live for long.
I am not trying to target any specific organisation but truth needs to be told. Doesn’t our government sugar-coats every scheme and burns the proof of its wrongdoings? Assam riots, Gujarat riots, UP riots. The culprits walked free because they get to pass judgement now. People don’t want to kill each other, rulers do. I humbly request everyone to investigate everything you hear and see. React after ample thinking. It has become a start of plutocracy in which rulers don’t even try to hide their crimes. They have become shameless. I fear Is it a start of another disguised monarchy?

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