Sanitary napkin :Revealment of a women

Posted by Neetu Agarwal
May 17, 2017

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Every girl in her starting years of teenage experiences a day when she doesn’t know from where the blood is coming out of her body but when she actually gets to know she started feeling ashamed of it. Okay maybe not all but still many does. Bt its not a deal to be ashamed of. Yes we are girls and we do have periods but thts not new. This is a necessity for our birth but still its an unacceptable matter for many girls atleast in front of opposite gender.  And i guess for the same reason many women hesitate to buy a sanitary napkins from shops who usually have male owners and end up compromising with clothes, rags etc.  Having period is not shameful but turning it unhealthy juz because of money or shame is a shameful and minimal act. Using clothes causes infections which can turn really dangerous to a women’s health. Its the need of the hour to make our girls and women unwavering about their periods so that they can boldly step for sanitary napkin. Hesitation can be a key reason for it but still in rural areas unaffordability of these napkins obliged women to think of cloth pads as an alternative. Our government must really intensify on this issue to make sanitary napkins affordable to the last woman standing in the queue. Lets not danger our mothers, sisters and wives just because they feel ashamed of what makes them a women or because some pieces of paper are more important than their health. Lets hold our women’s every drop in sanitary napkins to make them feel comfortable and confident.

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