Posted by Sonali Sarkar
May 25, 2017

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We always voice out outside become a threat for girls now a days, but we fail to notice the rueful, ruthless suffering a girl has to endure form her own family members. Well today I will share a true story of one of my dear friend whos past still haunts her like a nightmare.

How can we blame an outsider when her own father, who is the reason for her birth didn’t think twice to seduce her, to molest her and when she didn’t give in threw her outside at 2:00 am. Grand kids are the bundle of joy, their friend, their support system for a grand parents at their senescence but alas! Here a grand father proved to be a monster by putting his filthy hands over his little grand daughter who didn’t have the capability to think what his loving grandpa is doing to her. Where is humanity? Just because she is a girl no one failed to use her. She should have raised her voice, should protest but she suffered quiescently years after years just by looking at the face of her mother. Just to save the relation between her and her husband, just to save her mother from tears she silently sobbed every night. And whats the cherry on top, the family blame the girl for all the obscence. Threaten to kill her, throw her far away. One more thing should be added to red data book, thats ‘HUMANITY’ cause its also at the verge of depletion. Only sharing post in social media, using slogan against the sin won’t help anything. Change starts from we, us, our home then comes the society.

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