sexual harassment- hard to deal , easy to do it?

Posted by dominic
May 11, 2017

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The Supreme Court first declared sexual harassment A STIGMA ,A TOTAL NO, many years ago, the immediate effect that men and women had in their places of work was totally out of this world. Were dirty jokes around the office  off limits? Could a senior or colleague  compliment a worker’s dress? is  being a woman  with a beautiful face the ticket to the problem? The answers weren’t easily found then but today we have a Supreme Court with us giving us a clear Act as far as sexual harassment is concerned, still the wait never ends for a woman who is the victim in a life long battle of sexual harassment.
Yes it was very very easy for men to think the worst about a woman while sexually harassing her daily for almost 14 years of her life . In a Central Government Institute in Hyderabad on complaining they gather an ICC of untrained people or officials together with the ICC chairperson the most biased where caste was the topic.the Supreme Court set a rule of 90 days limit  for these government officials but they could not provide a single paper and as long as the case was on they internally harassed the woman in what ever  way they could. 187 days passed when they submitted the report ,the crooks who had harassed her were found guilty but no interim relief for her?? how can that be. was the Supreme court just for namesake? every  rule set by the court was over looked. THEN WHY DID THE ICC REFER TO THE COURTS RULES OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT ACT?
she was a strong willed person. married, yet suffered silently till she could take it no more .Then started her travails. The ICC gave its verdict  along with her 60 other females were called to testify and they stood up for what she had said. Punishment given was censure and transfer but then the culprit’s decided to play a game of tricks. They went out of the country with the help of the ICC chairperson who let them go when they had to give their attendance daily according to the Supreme court act of sexual harassment.
They further more were allowed to approach the Hyderabad High court and wasted one whole year by getting a stay . who let them go there in the first place. Being government servants they should not have gone to the courts but to the CAT.  No charge sheet or memo or disciplinary action was given to them till date. how were they roaming freely?the court dismissed their case after a year. Even so they were handling National and International projects as usual. if this is the case what is the censure? even letter to the Ministry of Women and Child Development has not got any relief.
A lady professor took one of the accused under her to work even while the case was on . She was a panel member of ICC, How could she protect an accused this way ?
Immediately they approached the CAT much to the victims surprise and till date not a hearing has been completed. All said and done the lady ICC  chairperson is responsible for the victims saga.  Where she had to protect the victims identity she took out copies and gave it to all the staff. She had even played vendetta against the victim by taking her quarter and giving it to some one on deputation who isn’t a permanent member .
One wonders why this all took place. Being a woman she was harassed 14 years and what they give  is a minor penalty??? does this victim have to suffer another 14 years for them to be given a major penalty?? is it not  a crime played on her? when will the wait end . It all seems a dream with pain and problems . Hope women will fight where ever they work and which ever place they are harassed to teach men that they are not puppets any more. The judgement will come one day or the other till then ………………..the sexual harassment remains a word on paper.

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