Shangri-La of the East (Arunachal Pradesh)

Posted by Arun Tripathy
May 11, 2017


Arunachal Pradesh is the easternmost state of Northeast India,The State of Arunachal Pradesh is a part of 7 sister states of Northeast region with total Area of  83,743 Km 2.

Arunachal Pradesh Borders the State of Assam and Nagaland to the south, And has a long international border to Bhutan,Peoples Republic Of China(Tibet),and Myanmar to the east.

ethnically people of Arunachal Pradesh shares close ties with the communities spread across both sides of the international border, Evidentially Bonpo,and other indigenous faiths are found across both sides of the demarcated line of Control, Being a disputed territory Arunachal Pradesh has faced a lot of neglect internationally as well as nationally in Indian Union, In the forums of infrastructural development,sociological Upliftment,and cultural recognition in recent times.

Formerly Known as NEFA (Northeast Frontier agency) Arunachal Pradesh Attained absolute state status under the domain of Indian Republic on 20th  February 1987. According to (PRC) Peoples republic of China, it considers the state as a part of southern Tibet, As (PRC) doesn’t recognize the the Shimla Accord 1914 to be legitimate. culturally unlike the Chinese community a but similar to that of Tibetan and Burmese Diaspora, people of this region faces Discriminatory practices even by Mainland Indians in form of laws such as AFSPA (Armed Force Special Powers act),

Rich in Natural Resource such as of cobalt,coal,Hydro-electric capabilities, This region has always remained a cream destination for both the so called nation states for exploitation of Natural resources.socially naive,and morally simple, communities of Arunachal  Pradesh are more related to their own indigenous community rather than to any one else,Anthropologically many of the cultural practices being specifically endemic to the region. cultural incursion and change of demography can be a hampering and may result in absolute extinction of  such ancient practices, which could ultimately increase our understanding of genesis of human civilization,In the global scenario  where world is turning more of into a village arunachal must strive hard and quick to record and built a comprehensive study of a unique cultural identity very specific to a enclosed region; before its lost for ever.




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