She left- An untold story

Posted by Jitesh Kumar Surana
May 1, 2017

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She Left- Ji2’s Photography

This is a story of a young love birds… a boy, whose name is Rudra Gupta, living in Kolkata, Chartered Accountant by profession and a graduate from St. Xavier’s College. He is smart, handsome and intellectual. The girl, whom he loves, is Ashima Jaiswal, who is from Banaras. She is studying Company Secretary and a graduate from St. Xavier’s College. She is gorgeous, good-looking and intellectual.

He was very much excited on the first day of college. He called his friends to accompany him. After entering to the campus, everything was new to him. Some difficulties and thoughts came in his mind; how will I survive in this mass? Who will be my friends here? How will I get out of all this? With these entire questions in mind, he went towards the office room to collect routine and room number of his class.
Rudra sat in the front bench of the class and was watching some of the students were waiting in the class and some were sitting in the back bench. At 9.30am Professor Swapan Banerjee entered in the class and welcomed all the students, within a minute, I spotted a girl smiling and asking sir, “Sir, May I Come in” , Sir allow her and as all seats were full, she sat beside me, smiling at each other which were vacant.

Conversation Started after the class:-
Rudra:- Hi
Girl:- Hello
Rudra: – Myself Rudra Gupta
Girl: – Oh, myself Ashima Jaiswal.
Rudra: – Where are you from?
Ashima:- From Banaras, and you?
Rudra: – Kolkata, the city of Joy
Ashima: – Ya Ya, heard much about it, don’t know how much of joy and happiness I will get from this city.
Rudra: – Definitely you will find and you will never want to leave this city.
Ashima: – I am missing my Banaras, City of Holiness.
Rudra: – Have you got the routine?
Ashima: – No, no yet..
Rudra:- Ok, let me give you the full routine.
Ashima:- Thank You.
Rudra: – Will you join me in the next class?
Ashima:- No, I have to go. Have some official stuff to do.
Rudra:- See you soon, then.

This is how daily conversation went among them and they became best buddies. They helped each other for their Internals, assignments, projects, exams, hang out together and much more. Three Semesters went, with all these.

On their 4th Semester, one day Rudra texted her, at about 1.30am.

Conversation Started:-
Rudra:- Hi, Ashima
Ashima:- Hello, but it’s too late yaar
Rudra :- I have to say something, poo
Ashima:- Ya, say.
Kya bolna hai tumhe (What do you want to say?)
Rudra:- Tu gussa tho nahi hogi na (You will not be angry na?)
Ashima:- Uff , tell me what do you want to say, I am feeling sleepy yaar. Jaldi bolna( Tell me quick)
Rudra:- I Love you.
Ashima:- What?
Rudra:- Yes, I wanted to tell you since the first day I saw you but I could not. The smile I saw on your face made me smile. When you sat near to me, my heart started beating speed. I really fell in love with you.
Ashima:- Was Silent
Rudra:- Say something, Ashima
Ashima:- Actually I need time, I don’t feel like you do now.
Rudra: – Ok, see you tomorrow.
Conversation ended.

Next day, she didn’t come college. I texted her, where are you? She did not reply. I called her, no body received the call. I was getting tensed, what happen to her?

Likewise, three days she did not reply me and answered my call. At last I manage her hostel address and went to her hostel.

Conversation between Rudra and Peon of the Hostel
Rudra: – Uncle, Ashima Jaiswal hai kya? (Uncle, is there Ashima Jaiswal)
Peon: – Aap koon? (Who are you?)
Rudra:- Rudra Gupta, where is she uncle? Why she is not coming to college? She is not receiving my calls also. What happen to her? Is she ok?
Peon:- She is not here anymore, She went to Banaras forever. She left a letter for you.
Rudra: – What? Where is it? Please give me.

Hi Rudra,
I know after receiving this letter you will be in shock, that I left you and Kolkata without telling you and completing my studies.
Yes, I have feelings for you. The day when we went for movie, I felt that I fell in love with you. There is something which stops me to tell you. On the day when you proposed me, I felt I was the happiest girl in the world but something stopped me to tell you that I love you and that is because when I was 5years young my parents gave marriage to me with Sameer Jaiswal in Banaras. I cannot hurt them too. So, I didn’t want to hurt you by giving commitments and after that, I will not be able to love you and marry you. I know you will come to my hostel by searching me, so I am leaving a letter for you and leaving Kolkata without telling you forever. Just I wish you to become successful Chartered Accountant. 
Please forget me and don’t search me.

Still Rudra went to search her in Banaras but not able to find her. And after completing and CA, he became a successful person and still, he is in search of Ashima.

This is how the story ends but not in reality.


Being born in an advanced country like India, some girls have to follow the tradition like child marriage because of the parents. Earlier, child marriage was not illegal and some parents give marriage their daughter in childhood, on the name of tradition. Moreover, the girls had to follow being an adult and had to marry that person. Fallen in love with a boy like Rudra, a few questions remained unanswered;

  1. Are our parents or society really allowing us to love in an adult age?
  2. Does decision taken earlier by our parents irrevocable?
  3. Why was she so bound to leave Rudra and marry Sameer?
  4. Does the girls of India have to face situations like Ashima?
  5. Is a girl or boy, who was married in childhood because of their parents have no right to chose their own partner or fall in love with other?
  6. Why didn’t she fight for her right?


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