Should The Indian Education System Change?

Posted by sayan basak
May 9, 2017

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SCHOOL- a very cute and an emotional word, isn’t it? It is the first place where we started learning, the first place where we interacted with friends and not to mention the first place where we had got introduced with the term “EXAMINATION”

But don’t you think, we need to change the school and the education system?
Take for example, a car hundred years ago and a car now- you will find a heaven and a hell difference. Another instance, take a look at the trains hundreds of years ago and trains of now?
But the classrooms? It’s all same. Hundreds of years ago we had the tradition of seating in rows in a four walled covered classroom, still now its the same.
People say it teaches us discipline. But I don’t understand a fact, that how can a kid of six years of age made to be sit in rows to make him disciplined?
Schools should teach us how to be persons not to teach us that there is no way if you don’t get an A.
I have noted down 5 reasons why Indian education system should change.
A major part of the syllabus that is taught today in the schools and colleges is theoretical and lacks a practical approach.. i have seen several engineers’ getting 9+ points but fails to get a job- only because they do not know what practical is.
Deserving students do not get admitted into top grades colleges. Instead people with very poor marks get admitted, just because reservation. I knew reservations are given to those whose financial conditions are very poor. But in India you have people who own a BMW car and still apply for ST quota.
Corrupt admissions
It is very disheartening that a little bribe can make you a master of any profession in India with a fake degree in hand. A few bucks are all you need to get admission in a professional college and they call it ‘donation’ if not the corrupt version of the word.

Age old syllabi

THE SYLABUS IS NOT UPDATED. Renewal of syllabus being taught in schools and colleges has become a must from time to time so as to keep pace with the innovations and discoveries taking place every second in some part of the world.

i live in west Bengal, and i would like to mention that people here force their children t study MBBS/ in the graduation, whether you have interest or not.
Another problem of Indian educational system is that there exists the gap between rich and poor people, even in the case of students. Only upper-class children are getting the chance to study in Pvt. Schools as they are more focused on personality and language. At the same time, middle class people are sending their children to state syllabus normal schools. It is mainly bcc of the difference in fee structure. This division should be reduced. Government should make provision for providing children with good standard of education. Then only we can develop the knowledge and standard of living of the people.

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