Watch: How People Reacted To A Father Wanting To ‘Dump’ His Baby Girl

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, this year, “The Uncivilised Indian” came up with a social experiment to expose the harsh realities of India.

A guy acts as the father of a new-born baby girl. He roams about asking people regarding where he can dump the girl – the background being that the family didn’t want a girl. Some of the reactions and suggestions elicited from the people are courageous and righteous, while the others are downright horrible and inhuman – which you must see for yourself!

It’s quite strange to see people with such mentalities in the north-eastern states of India, which boast of gender equality. Therefore, the experiment was meant to create awareness and to change the mindsets of the people here.

The video is still gathering many views and winning the hearts of numerous people.


Image Source : Facebook
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