stones over books

Posted by Sadaan ahmad khan
May 20, 2017

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Kashmir, the more beautiful state it is, the more bloodshed history it has. from Nehru to Modi the situation remains intact, the state plagued by terrorism, mass violence, and unstable politics. Gradually, but perceptibly, almost inexorably, the Kashmir Valley appears to be slipping out of control – again. Since the death of Burhan Wani, a Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist, in July 2016, incidents of stone-pelting have spread from urban to rural areas.

Now Kashmiri youth is on the front to combat with security forces. after the incident when an army Casspir vehicle from the 55 Rashtriya Rifles entered the Degree College in Pulwama and students protested against the presence of military personnel on campus. This incident was followed by massive protests in the following week. this turn into a wildfire.Both state government and the central government failed to cope up with the problem of Kashmir.  31 times internet services shut down and lost of an economy and lost the education.

now the situation becomes worst, the classroom becomes new warzone area, school bag is full stones and the birth of a new face of rebellion, with young boys and girls taking to the front lines of the protest. why is Kashmiri youth choosing stones over books? Outraged over the brutal crackdown on students, and killings by the forces, Kashmir is witnessing a massive student uprising with thousands of students, including women across the region protesting on streets. As usual, these students’ protests were encountered by the crackdown by police and paramilitary forces which left hundreds injured.  Iqra Sidiq, B.Com first-year student of women’s college at Nawa Kadal in Srinagar suffered a serious skull fracture when she was hit on the head by a stone thrown by a CRPF trooper into the campus. There is video documentation of paramilitary troops lobbing tear gas shells and rocks over the walls and under the gates of the women’s college campus, indicating that students were attacked not just while protesting on the streets but even inside their own campus!

“We are not scared. If the boys can come out to protest, so can we,” said Rumaisa (name changed), a 17-year-old student at Kothi Bagh Girls Higher secondary school. The girls seem undeterred by death. “Bullets don’t scare us anymore.”

the slogan of AZAADI chanted in many streets of Kashmir but what is AZAADI for them?  since the Kashmir become the part of India, it considered as the beautiful and dangerous toy.Every political party has been playing with Kashmir in the name of terrorism. More than 19000 peoples are killed including more 4600 security personnel in clashes. but the result remains the same. Most of the government and private school are shut down, and huge loss of education and lack of opportunities to youth. The Kashmiris facing harassments from security force in the law and order. This is not the first time Kashmir facing internal conflict but this situation is different. with upcoming of BJP in the center and the PDP +BJP in the state, making the Kashmir a puppet show. Center is not serious about the situations and saffron army considering the Kashmiri youth as anti-national or pro-Pakistani instead of knowing their issues. Today concept of Azadi for Kashmiri youth is not about the geographically or physically, it is more than that. they don’t want their life to be murdered in the political game.

the voice of Kashmiris lost in cacophony and the life becomes worst, if no step has been taken within the time limit, and a day is not far when the world will see one more, the bloodiest revolution again.

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