Stress – Reality or just an illusion ?

Posted by Surjit Singh
May 2, 2017

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Stress is not just a word nowadays, it has become a “Normal” part of our lives. From the days of elementary school students are taught to be afraid to get a bad grade. Most of us live in fear or worry on a daily basis. We stress about big things like school, job, family and we stress about small things like missing a bus or being stuck in traffic. And this all happens because we all have an internal fear somewhere that if we left behind, we will not be able to compete in this world. We have two faces of this world on every context, One side (Theoretically) there’s a belief that you learn from your mistakes, and on the other side (In reality) we are not allowed to be mistaken. When these kind of things are been taught us from our childhood, how someone aspect from us not to be Stressed ?
Stress has become a status symbol of today’s life. If you are doing good in your School, college, profession or socially stress will be there somewhere. Ultimately, everyone is stressed because of their own thought pattern. So many of us are uncomfortable with being alone with their thoughts, and we always think about something. If we are in our school, we’ll always think about our grades. Same process is followed until our complete studies, and after that Job, Marriage, Family and other responsibilities . We are constantly in a “GO – GO” mode, and have forget to relax. We don’t want to stop once in our life and see what we have missed in our Life while catching some temporary things.
Happiness is the only solution to get rid of stress. But happiness doesn’t have any universal definition, which makes it more tough to achieve. Someone is happy with just one time meal and somebody isn’t even fine with three times meal.Somebody is running to have one time food, and somebody is running to digest their food they just have. We are living in the world of illusion, where we are still confused what we really wanna achieve. Now the thing to think about is that what is reality ? Is this real, that we shouldn’t stop in our lives to thanks what we have or the reality is something else ?

Answer to be explored yet…..

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