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This Student Couldn’t Afford 3 Meals A Day. People Helped Her Raise 2 Lakhs To Study Law!

Technology has innovated at a pace that is difficult to comprehend, with the growth in the variety of communication mechanisms and mediums. However by keeping our eyes fixed on the new, we quickly forget traditional mediums and the sheer magnitude of their impact. Recently, through a medium of the new, we heard about the beauty of the old and were reminded of the goodness that coming together.

RadioCity was running a contest which had individuals call in and participate, to win a prize. RJ Sucharita, received one such call from Nikita Shukla, a third year law student at GLC, currently living at a hostel in South Mumbai. Nikita went on to win the quick contest and was invited to visit the RadioCity office to pick up her prize. When she arrived, she requested to meet RJ Sucharita who was kind enough to oblige. RJ Sucharita met Nikita a few weeks ago, and learned of her journey – Nikita’s story will rekindle your faith in mankind!

RadioCity and the city of Mumbai came together, to reward Nikita’s grit and denounce the impossible. Nikita can now pursue her desire of becoming a lawyer with nothing holding her back, and more importantly, proceed with her journey knowing that a city of supporters stand with her. The radio has been a beacon of communication for decades, and since the very beginning, has been a way to connect with individuals like nothing other. Now we know, it also helps bridge the gap between one individual and her dreams. It takes a story like this to remind ourselves of the potential humanity has to do good, and the infinite possibilities that arise when we open our hearts and work together!

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