Surili – A 9 Year Old Deaf And Dumb Who Was Daily Molested Is Now Asking For Justice

Posted by Nishika R. Saxena
May 11, 2017


Surili’s story begins in Raipur, Madhya Pradesh ~

Where was situated a NGO orphanage specifically for Deaf-Dumb Girls under 18 age.

Orphanage had around 35 little girls in it from 5 yrs to 16 yrs of age.

Surili was one of them. She was 9 year old. A beautiful pretty Deaf-Dumb girl.

This orphanage did not conduct any kind of legal formalities, paper work, police verification while accepting any girl child from a stranger nor did they let anybody adopt these orphan girls.

So no one knew from where these Deaf-Dumb girl kids were actually brought in ?

The truth behind this orphanage is horrifying.

In reality it was a huge racket of child trafficking in name of orphanage.

Gangs scattered all around different small villages across Madhya Pradesh, use to kidnap these young little girls, remove their eyes, cut their tongues, put hot burning coal in their ears make them deaf and then they all were taken to orphanage where they were taught dance, begging and later as they grew old forced into prostitution or dance bars

Same way surili was brought in here. She was 5 year old when she was being kidnapped from her fathers’ flower shop outside a shiv temple in chhindwara district.

Two men took her first to Mandla district where in her tongue was slit apart from her body, and her ears burnt. From there they travelled to Jabalpur from where other girls were also picked and then finally to Raipur.

Many political leaders, were funding this orphanage, and were sitting at board of trustees’ position. Orphanage also had police protection because of these leaders.

Warden and other male staffs of this orphanage use to enter girls room every night and molest them.

These girls were being molested nearly every day for many years

Since all were dumb helplessly they could never raise their voices, nor there was anyone who could raise voice on their behalf.

Often these political leaders, police officials also molested them as and when they visited orphanage.

Young girls here were considered to be their property for pleasure.

If at all any girl tried to rebel she would have lost her life and no one comes to know about her.

No local civilian dares to come forward and raise voice to stop such practice since political leaders are involved.

Knowingly everyone is quite.

As these girls become 18 they are sent to dance bars, forced into prostitution or even sold abroad.

This is an international racket of human trafficking.

Today, surili is asking us to raise our voices on her behalf,

She is dumb can’t speak her pains, but we are not deaf, we are not dumb, we are not blind. Then why are we all are quite ???

Its not our duty to raise voice seeing such violence in front of our eyes ???

Surili is asking for justice. All those little innocent girls are asking for justice. Their silent screams are calling us for help.

Only if “WE” all unite together we can fight to save them.

Sitting idle keeping our hand on hands, talking about crime, won’t give us a crime free nation, Nation will become crime free only when WE all will together choose to get up and fight and raise our voices against injustice.


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Nishika R. Saxena

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