Tax-ing Issue!

Posted by archisengupta
May 29, 2017

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“Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat, tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu?”
…. aur Bindi ki keemat…
…………. aur Bangles ki keemat…………

Well, maybe you might not know the EXACT  “keemat”, but coming July 2017, these items are gonna cost much less, thanks to the Finance Minister exempting taxes on them. I mean sure, it is very necessary to remove taxes on them, since marriage. I mean, marriage. Do I need to say more? “Har suhaagan ke sar ka taaj hota hai, ek chutki sindoor”.  Very necessary to make them available for the poor and needy. How else would you know if she’s your bhabi or baby? You can’t take away the taj from a suhaagan. That’s blasphemy.

Oh btw, did you hear that sanitary napkins are going to be taxed at 12%? Yeah, they didn’t remove taxes from that. I mean, push old rags, ash and husk sand up your vag. No one wants to know (or cares) about that!
Oh and, how dare of speak of this unholy thing? Menstruation? No no. Chi! Who says that? Chup raho yaar.  Don’t you have manners? Just shh. You don’t need sanitary napkins. Use rags. And shh.
Kya? Larkiya school nahi jaa rahi hai because of unavailability of sanitary napkins? Haan cool. Vayese bhi kaunsa larkiyon ko kuch karna hai? Shaadi hi toh karni hai. Dekho, sindoor ke upar ab tax nahi lag rahi hai July se. Chalo kitna accha hua. Nahi? Who needs sanitary napkins when you get sindoor at a lower price. Phew!

Only about 12 per cent of the 355 million women in India use sanitary napkins. Shockingly, over 88 per cent of women resort to unsanitary and unhealthy alternatives like old rags, ashes and husk sand. According to a report in The Times of India, incidents of Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) are 70 per cent more common among women who do not use sanitary products during menstruation.

How long is this going to continue, people?

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