Terrorist and muslims.

Posted by Manzoor Khan
May 24, 2017

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We all have been watching news about terror attacks all over the world. But i fail to understand where on earth does it relate to muslims, Islam is a religion of peace. We muslims believe in love and peace. That what we practice and preach. But because of few people who dont know the real meaning of Islam commite crime for which other innocent have to face problems.

This morning i woke up and as usual was just going through the post on my wall, i happen to watch this video where a victim of Terror attack in Manchester just a night back, I could see his face wonded but the what he said was just amazing, he spoke about the little kids who would be going to school this morning, their innocent parents who would be going to work, he spoke about the tantrum that they will have to face just for being a Muslim. It feels really bad when you are targeted just because you arefrom a certain religion, ethnicity or caste. Its not that muslims don’t speak against these attacks, we do but where is it our fault? Its not that we don’t face such things, last year there were multiple attacks in Middle East that nobody wants ro speak about, why just because those were islamic States? These attacks included place like Madina the city of our prophet (S.A.W), no Muslim will ever do it, come what may.

Its a request to people across the world don’t blame someone who is nowhere involved into something that they are criticised for.

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