The concept of parallel Dimension and death of a human being

Posted by Sumit Singh
May 11, 2017

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We all say our soul is strong, so strong that its impossible to destroy it.
But today I am gonna show you how your soul reaches its end in 7 births of your life.
Yes ! 7 births!!
Follow closely…According to the Hindu philosophy, ‘punarjanma’ or rebirth literally means re-entering the flesh again.The 7×7 table presented below is based on the seven chakras system and describes the first 49 years of our life. This illustration of the seven chakra life cycles is supported by the spiritual science research as well as esoteric teachings. Contemporary scientific research also has proof that cells of a human body change every 7 years.

Now let us see how this gets implemented.
Our soul dies 7 times and then takes birth again as soon it dies to enter the same body again and again 7 times.
Yes! that’s right, it enters the same body 7 times and yet you are unaware of your own death for 7 times.
A person in his whole lifetime dies 7 times and then take up  same body for the next 7 times and yet he is unaware of it.
Now let me walk you through this:
Suppose you are driving a car and sees a bad accident in which no one was alive.

And the first thought which comes to our mind is: Ah!! I was so lucky this time. But maybe you are not!!!
Because the person who died in that car accident died with respect to the whole world,w.r.t. You, not w.r.t. himself.
That is, in his normal routine, he is still alive and maybe still driving.
He will reach the place he was supposed to reach.
Now from here comes the concept of 7 dimensions. We always talk about parallel dimension but there is no actual proof of anything in the parallel dimension.
Let’s see how it goes!
When a person dies he dies w.r.t. the whole world but not w.r.t. himself and takes a step forward in the next dimension leaving behind the previous dimension.
A person can at most travel to 7 dimensions because after reaching the last dimension his life ends.
A person can take birth in any of the 7 dimensions and can die in any of the 7 dimensions except the dimension in which he was born.
So next time, if you are sitting at home, relaxing and enjoying a movie and saw that a lightning has struck

and thought yourself to be lucky by seeing that it struck the house next to you but not yours, maybe it stuck yours too and maybe your life ended in that dimension and you were moved to the next dimension.

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