The Deafening Silence

Posted by Nisha Padhi Pathmanathan
May 25, 2017

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Past few weeks, the rage has been Major Gogoi has been commended by the Indian Army.  The headlines say,  “The army officer who used human shield, has received commendation by the Indian Army Chief.”

The headlines could have been, ” Army officer who Rescued 12 election commission staff,  9 ITBP soldiers, 2 J&K police personnel,  and 1 civil bus from 700 Stone pelters has been commended by the Indian Army Chief.” But it cannot be,  as it won’t sell.  This is Indian Media for you.

The Army officer,  showed quick thinking,  presence of mind and without a single bullet fired got the government officials to safety.  Isn’t it worth being lauded?  Leadership is the only quality,  that is highly valued,   lauded and sought after in the armed forces.  And,  that’s exactly what Major Gogoi showed us all.

The human rights bandwagon who thought it was inhumane to tie a stone pelter to the jeep,  what about the human rights of the government officials who had gone there for election duty?  Should they have been injured or worse killed by the mob of stone pelters?  What about the armed forces who were outnumbered? Is it acceptable for you if their blood is shed? Those publishing interviews and articles about teenagers being wounded by pellet guns,  why were the teenagers amongst the mob? Aren’t they supposed to be at home?  In school? Interning? Anything but attacking men in uniform. Why do I not see them interviewing the parents of slain Lt.   Ummer Fayaz?  He is from the same valley,  he dared to be different,  he didn’t want to be part of the mob,  he dared to be different and how has the azadi gang handled it?  By killing him when he off duty attending his relatives wedding in his own village. What about his human rights?

Until we as a nation,  don’t stand united behind our country,  behind our armed forces,  we will fall.  We have a long way to go,   We have much progress to make but being against your own country is not going to get you there.



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