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The Drifting Canvas: Combining Technology with Art

Posted by Rana Ashish Singh
May 17, 2017

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The Drifting Canvas is in motion in India. Yasha Yavorskaya, the curator of the show, finds herself in love with the artists and their works. The Drifting Canvas is a little beyond the existing ideas of paintings and exhibitions in India. It is an orchestra. It is an opera. It is a movie for many. It is soothing, relaxing, entertaining and mesmerizing.
I talked to Yasha over Email about the Drifting Canvas, here it is:

Ashish: Can you tell me about the ideation process of The Drifting Canvas?

Yasha Yavorskaya: The ARTPLAY MEDIA company started 4 years ago. We developed six new exhibitions and organized tours around the world during this time. When we started, the main idea was to combine classical art and new technologies, education, and inspiration. As the result — the new form of media experience has emerged. Our mission is to spread culture and make art popular. The multimedia exhibitions have more opportunities than classical art exhibitions. The new format makes it possible to attract a new audience to culture. Our audience is wider, the audience of classical museums and we are very attracted to the younger generation, which is accustomed to technology. A very large part of our audience is impressed by our projects and begin to visit world museums, with a view to looking at the originals.

Ashish: What kind of response has “The Drifting Canvas” received in various countries it has been displayed?

Yasha Yavorskaya: The visual language is the most international language. The art is understandable for everyone, regardless of age, nationality and ethnic differences. In each country people has a different preference (or difference in the most popular artists), but the same common context — the world culture heritage.

Ashish: The role of technology seems like an integral part here. What contributes more to the success of “The Drifting Canvas” the technology or the masterpieces?

Yasha Yavorskaya: Multimedia exhibition is a new experience in art and another prism for understanding cultural heritage. This format allows you to gain knowledge through visual perception. The main reason for success is the combination of two popular things: famous artists and new technologies in one project.

Ashish: Who is your favorite among these eleven great artists? Who do you think you missed out?

Yasha Yavorskaya: I have relations with each of them, if I may say so. When you dive in each detail of biography and each detail of images, you have no chance to be indifferent. And I think that we missed a lot of unbelievable artists, but we will be back. We don’t stop on this project.

Ashish: What was more challenging for you- between selecting the artists, accessing the masterpieces or composing the whole project? And, what was more satisfying?

Yasha Yavorskaya: The most difficult task is to solve three questions: “what is the main message? who are your visitors? and what would the author of the picture never have done?”. Once you put the puzzle together, the solution to the other problems become clear.

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