The evolution of a man-Woman relationship

Posted by Ranjeet Menon
May 13, 2017


Relationships are one of the most intriguing and endearing enigmas in the cosmos. I am absolutely certain all of us have found the best people in our lives among the most unlikely of people in the most unlikely of places from the most unlikely of situations. That is how it has been for me, every time. Our eyes have always popped out at the sight of a gorgeous woman in the arms of a guy whose looks can be defined in just one word: disaster. Same is the case with seeing an irrepressible hunk together with a disaster of a woman. We wonder in amazement, how did this s**t happen?

Well, we see and experience this with our eyes, which is just one of our 5 senses. True relationships are about experiencing each other with all our 5 senses. Our natural inclination is to look for someone who can bring balance into our lives and personality. A gorgeous woman has no need for more beauty in her relationship with a man (unless it is casual). Her needs might be for intelligence or money or both or something else. This is how she will choose her man and that guy might look an absolute disaster but they must be complementing each other perfectly. This is what brings in the balance in the relationship. I see every person’s life as a circle. When two people come together, these circles intersect depending on their needs, interests and a host of other factors. Maintaining this intersection is the secret to keeping the relationship alive and going. In the highly affluent and elite circle, men seeking pleasure with women outside marriage is a commonly accepted norm primarily because they are good husbands, great fathers to their kids and they make sure their families get the best lives and comforts. Their wives reconcile to this life because all their needs are getting fulfilled and they have nothing to complain about.

Everything in the cosmos has indicators associated with it. Fever is the indicator that a foreign substance has entered our body and our immunity system is working to protect us. Similarly, relationships also have indicators connected with them, sex being the best of the lot. Sex needs to be perceived and understood through its components: foreplay and intercourse. A species becomes dominant through successful procreation so intercourse becomes dominant when procreation is the objective. Foreplay came into the picture when procreation was no longer a requirement for us. Our needs changed from procreation to pleasure with time. This is how we discovered sex. But pleasure required that both partners enjoy the act equally. This is how foreplay was born. Foreplay requires that the partners are connected with each other, both mentally and physically and this in turn requires that the partners engage with each other in their daily lives, primarily through conversations. Being able to express each others feelings and needs extends to being able to express our sexual needs and desires as well. Ultimately, healthy sexual life is a key component of a great relationship and foreplay essays the most critical role in the picture.

Even more remarkable are the intricacies of our body.  Our body is the most advanced creation of anatomical engineering. None of the relationship making process would have been possible without our hormones playing their part so precisely. In fact, our hormones create the initial connections with people by connecting with their hormones. Looks closely and we can see that this is all about energy interactions. We attract and repel people based on how our energies interact and hormones make this possible. The next step is to use our emotions and experiences to analyze and build the relationship. In the relationship between a man and a woman, the role of the body is a true wonder. How the woman’s monthly cycle sets her up for procreation and how a woman’s health can be determined by simply looking at her cycle is just sheer genius. Even more stunning is the use of blood to create a male erection and making a woman’s vagina ready for intercourse. Unfortunately, we have chosen to depict all of this with vulgarity rather than observe with wonder and admiration.  I believe we should redesign our system of worship and start worshiping whoever it is that designed and created our body to these improbable levels of perfection.

With procreation no longer a requirement, marriage and monogamy have also lost its relevance. Society is trying hard to hold onto its rules but it is no longer tenable to live life according to the wishes of society and people around us. Women no longer have any sort of dependency on men. Its high time man and woman rediscovered each other and figured out how to fit into each others lives. This may be our next stage of evolution. Open communication, spending time together, respecting each other, expressing emotions and insecurities openly all help to create an environment where two people can truly experience each other. This planet and our species desperately need more kids born out of such relationships to improve and take forward our lineage.

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