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The harsh reality of indian mentality

Posted by Monika Pubmey
May 13, 2017

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I m married girl of 27 years.i have done so much struggle in my life which is common in every lady or girl have to face that difficulties and harsh realites of society s rules and reguletions which are only applicable to women only. After marrige i have realize that woman has to face soo many rules n regulations.i think people soo called as a ladke wale in india have to pay money to the parents of a girl and have to pay dowry to the parents of a girl becoz they bring a girl who gave 24 hour service to the in laws . She has no id of her own if she ever refused to do whatevere her in laws saying she considered to be a bad bahu or clever bahu.i think in this male dominated society bahu is considered like she is 24 hour service servent and they have paid for her . She has no id of her own .She has no house of her own she is just considered a ‘bojh’ in her parents house and in inlaws she is just a outsided member of family n 24 hour service servent only.According to me when a marrige is occured bride n groom both have to be seprated from their family why this is only applicable for girl only. This is the main harsh reality of indian mentality which can never be grow up in indian people s mind..

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